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Sunday, November 25, 2007

November 26-30 on The Hour

As I prepared to write this post on behalf of Barbara who was unable to do it this week, I visited The Hour's website. As my fingertips are touching my keyboard at this very moment, only four guests are listed. Please visit the website for more up-to-date information, as it becomes available. So, here is what we know...


Former Coca-Cola Executive and Mexican President Vincente Fox

The hysterically funny duo of Kenny Hotz & Spenny Rice

British "domestic goddess" and best-selling author Nigella Lawson

And also coming up this week...

Canadian music icon and Springhill, NS native Anne Murray


Janna said...


That is just terrible. As Michelle was saying earlier we are barely 12 weeks into this season and this will be the third week of reruns... WHAT GIVES GEORGE?

Jenuine said...

I second that.
If we have to see anymore of Jeff Goldblum, I think I'LL go for a walk down into the red light district, just to spice things up a little!

Kyle said...

For the record, I love Anne Murray, the woman. That interview was well worth watching. What a great person.

Tracy said...

I guess the postive spin you can put on a week with reruns is I'm better rested & my house is spotless.

Jenuine - Your feeling on the magical adventures of a pubescent Jeff Goldblum is akin to my feeling on Jason Priestly reruns. NO MORE. Please. It's turning into the Martin Short re-run-a-palooza of Spring/Summer 07. I saw Martin more often than I did my own family.

Perhaps online voting on the The Hour's website to help select the pieces that people really want to see again? Maybe some blasts from past seasons before they hit the CBC main to show off some really good work that not as many viewers have seen previously?


Janna said...

What a fabulous idea!!!!
I vote they just bring back the entire Season Two... jokes, news, etc. etc. and be done with it!

I am not so sure they can, the style was soo different back then I am not sure they could meld the two.


Barbara said...

A little season two would be good right about now. I miss season two too.

Anonymous said...

The first Hour show I saw was
in May 2005, the interview with the creator of CSI Las Vegas. I remember the show's format caught my attention - it was more low key compared to the current format. After the lockout ended the following November I began to watch again but now I find it has become sort of stale and it is very celebrity driven - I guess at this stage some repetition (of guests)is inevitable but I find it strange that at this time there is a two week hiatus although maybe a recharging of batteries is necessary and I realize they are preparing for shows in B.C. etc !


holyoke said...

Strombo introduced Kid Rock as "very unique".

I think he needs new writers.