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Sunday, November 04, 2007

"Gemini Cold Opener"

"Big Toronto Hippie… with his ears pierced… think he'll come and mock the Prairies, is that it?"

For the past week, the mere thought of the cold opener from the Geminis has brought random giggles into my life. So much so, that the people I work with and those nearest and dearest to me think that I've finally gone over the edge. Maybe it's the Prairie Girl in me… maybe it's growing up in Alberta and the constant rivalry between the two provinces... or maybe it's just the fact that I'm a transplant in Ontario and I miss home. Whatever it was, the cold opening at the Geminis this year had me on the floor laughing. Literally. Not just in internet terms, but physically on the floor, laughing. Why? Because in some areas of Saskatchewan… it's true!
Saskatchewan isn't totally flat… there are occasional hills and valleys… but compared to other provinces (say, Alberta)… it could easily be considered flat. And Albertans know how to milk that for everything it's worth. That said, Saskatchewan cannot be defined by it's topography… Saskatchewan has a lot going for it. It's the home of universal health care in Canada. It's economy, like it's neighbour Alberta, is booming. The Mounties call it home for their academy. The Snowbirds are based there. To be honest, Saskatchewan is a pretty cool place. Despite being flat. Or maybe, because of it.

All kudos to Saskatchewan aside, the opener was pretty slick. With fantastic writing (writer Paul Bates is a genius… I want to know, is he from the Prairies?), it was the perfect choice for the evening. It brings all that's the Toronto-Prairies "fight" together in a typically self-mocking Canadian manner. Very fitting for the boy from Toronto visiting the Prairies.

If you've made it this far, and enjoyed the cold opener at the Geminis last weekend, you'll be happy to know that the cold opener is now posted on YouTube. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

alexz johnson!! Seeing her and George together made my week. The two ppl I admire most and probably the two most talented Canadians.
The opener was funny, so many great ppl we have in this fine country of ours.


Steph A. said...

I'm glad the Gemini opener made it to youtube. :-D

Lisa said...

Really enjoyed the opener with all the great Canadian talent in just 3-5mins..