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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sept 11 Primetime EXTRAVAGANZA!

So... did you all the see primetime special?
Here are my thoughts in no particular order....

  1. I really missed George and the Hour. It amazes me how excited I suddenly was to hear new jokes and for MILE A MINUTE.
  2. I realized how much I miss/missed MILE A MINUTE. I took it for granted previously.
  3. Why are there no credits for the Hour?!?!?!? I think they need a list of credits as to who is doing the filming and writing etc. As much as we all like George, he is not the only person who works on that show. It never bothered me before but today... it did.
  4. I loved the new MILE A MINUTE map location stuff... so unique but I can see how that is gonna get annoying quick.
  5. I am super dissapointed they didn't change the opening song... I wanted a new theme song.
  6. Love the new chairs.
  7. The comment George made about seeing a celebrity and it was himself... was that outta left field or what?
  8. WOWY WOW! Huge guests tonight! Samuel L Jackson, Matthew (Matt) Damon, Carlo Rota!!!!
  9. I loved George's comment on Britney. And I agree... she looked normal... Good for her.
  10. Carlo Rota's BEST STORY EVER... is one of the Best Stories Ever... Oh man! Can you imagine?!?!?!
  11. Loved the new segment. AGREE OR DISAGREE! and Carolyn Taylor! Who is she? I liked her can we get more of her?
  12. George is looking really good... Rested and all tanned and freshly shaved. It is nice to see him actually looking like he has slept more than two hours. Go George!
  13. CLOSER!!!!!!!! GEORGE AND CREW!!!!!!!! for the love of God and all things Holy


I don't care who will be on the show!!!! You already SHOVE IT DOWN MY THROAT... All bloody week long!!! I want to hear your guys opinions on the world and the stuff you just showed us!!! That is why I watch!

Closer, Closer, Closer!

Anyways, it was super nice to see everyone at The Hour back in action. The summer was much shorter this year. Good for them for being on earlier... does that mean the show will end in early June then?



Barbara said...

Love your post Janna. I agree with you re the Mile a Minute except I noticed a weird noise they added to it...I don't think they had that noise last season and I hope they get that fixed.

I like the old theme from season three, I am kinda happy that they kept it...but I liked the theme from 2nd season better. :-)

Didn't you think Paul looked like he missed his old friends? He looked lonely.
Bring back Nile!

I did like Carolyns report. That worked.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad he's back too, but can anyone tell me whats with "I'm (STILL) your boyfriend"? For the love of God, what's the deal? THE REAL DEAL! )Because if he's my boyfriend, I wish he'd start putting out)

Steph A. said...

Janna...what an enthusiastic post!

After all the reruns it was great to finally have a new show.

I quite enjoyed the opening and I'm still snickering over George's "long johns" tip for Jeff Goldblum's clothing dilemma. How Canadian is that advice? Loved it!!

The roster of guests was terrific and after hearing his "Best Story Ever", I am looking forward to Carlo Rota's interview even more than I was before.

The "Mile a Minute" mapping graphic is great for younger viewers to landmark the top stories of the day.

I hope that the new segment Agree/Disagree becomes a regular part of the show. I enjoy those "man on the street" commentary pieces, as they often yield some rather amusing responses.

One thing I did notice to be missing was "The List"...I wonder if it will be back starting on Monday?

Holly said...

I totally agree!! Bring back THE CLOSER!!

I thought 'the opener' was fantastic and the guests were awesome. George, of course, was perfection!

I also missed 'the list', I hope they bring it back.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

just a few random comments. i'm keeping most of my thoughts until the show actually starts.

3. this has bugged me from day one. i am a credit reader and it drives me crazy.
5. hate the opening song. was really looking forward to them changing it.
8. not thrilled with the guest lineup. except carlo rota.
13. i am so not going to get into this here, but i am hoping the lack of the list stays. i feel it is a segment best retired.

i do agree with the overkill of plugging the upcoming guests. i am thinking this may be a one off being that it is a "special" episode.

i am not really sure how i feel about the hour coming back. mainly afraid i think.

Lauren said...

J, #3 is totally your thing,the credits do matter!
And yes, the closer is what we need. That moment to talk about an issue, through in a good joke, sarcastic comment, low blow, it's what caps the show.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

ps. i am glad to see paul back. i see possibilities in him.

sigh... where is mcbain?

Jenuine said... want The Closer back? You were a little vague on the subject. ; )

Overall, I was satisfied with the show, however, a bit disappointed on the lack of "pizazz" for a Prime-time special. It was cool to see some nifty little changes here & there, but considering that they'll be on for the rest of the season, I think I was expecting to be freshly titillated. Something exotic, to set it apart from the oncoming season.

The interviews were top-notch, a great start to kick things off! (I love that George always gets his guests' personal spin on the causes, they so passionately support.)

Artistically speaking, I LOVE, love, love....the new set, but have to say, the small grouping of seats up front, look awkward. Almost like a panel of judges, getting ready to flash their scorecards. Or, perhaps the show's version of "sniff-row"? Nice that the audience is closer, and all, but come on people! Barbara, where do I book the tickets?
: )

Steph A. said...

To clarify, I don't actually miss "The List". I've often thought that it has been a bit of a stretch when trying to align it with a certain guest/topic. If it is to reappear, I'd rather see it once a week, instead of everyday.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

you love the list!

i agree that it doesn't always work when tieing it to the guest. and i prefer the list when it's real rather than "funny".

perhaps the ending could change every day. keep the list one day, end the week on a "closer".

Janna said...

As long as they bring back the Closer, I don't care if they have Monkey's in yellow suits tap dancing the List during every episode just


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