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Sunday, September 02, 2007

A bientot

It's been a great few months but the time has come for me to bow out as a regular contributor to The Stroumboulopouli. The fall/winter are going to be crazy for me at work and I'm working on a couple of other things so I won't have time for blogging. It's been alot of fun and I'll miss it.

So, thanks for having me (putting up with me ;)) since the spring and I hope Season 4 will continue to inspire, entertain and illuminate!



Steph A. said...

Good luck on your new endeavours Angie! You will me missed :)

Barbara said...

You can always guest blog Angie.

Anonymous said...

You will be missed. All the best for your plans.


Janna said...

Goodbye my friend. This is a very sad parting but I understand why. Please come back and guest blog.

Jenuine said...

All the best to you Ang. Hopefully we can bring you back to some future discussions and debates. Good luck....and keep the music playing to the tune of your horizons.

Angie said...

Thanks ladies!