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Friday, August 03, 2007

Long way Down

George should be in South Africa for The Hour right about now. What brings him to South Africa is The Long Way Down, the final Leg of the journey. Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor just rode motorcycles through 14 countries in this documented adventure. In the last day of the journey George and many other will be joining for the culmination of their very long trip. The Hour (from what I understand) will bring you the footage and highlights this fall.
Update on The Long Way Down. Sadly, George had too many work commitments to make it to the event in South Africa. But happily, because George is still in Toronto he is able to attend his friend and sometimes radio co host Alex Lieu's wedding.

What The Hour brings you this week coming up is...
Monday: The oldest blogger in the world, Gene Simmons, Shane Smith.
Tuesday: Toronto Sucks, Richards Brandson and The Body Farm.
Wednesday: John Zaritski, Neil Sedaka, Mohammed Ali (no not that one)
Thursday: Alexandre Trudeau, Post Secret, and Moose Death.
Friday: Ralph Nader, Phil Keoghan, and Freegans.

Looks like an interesting week!

On The Strombo Show this week it looks like we get Ryan Doyle to play with again. You can play along on George's Myspace page or The Strombo show page on facebook. You can just listen to CJAD or CFRB on Sunday night at 9 pm to 11 pm live.


Anonymous said...

What a harrowing motorcycle trip that would be - I have seen part of the documentary where I think they were going on the Eastern Europe/Russian Leg of the tour. They have to be commended. I enjoyed seeing Charley Boorman's interview live at the Hour with a clip from the desert sequence where he injured his hand.


Allan said...

Way to go, George!
Selling footage of your vacation back to the CBC.
That's how it's done!

And now ...
Let the record reflect, Your Honour, that

George Stroumboulopoulos has never stopped anyone from blogging about him, or saying anything they want, even outright lies.

Anonymous said...


Special K

Barbara said...

Hey Laura, I can't even imagine what kind of effort it takes to attempt such a grueling yet exciting adventure... Good on them and congrats for finishing the long way down as they did just now.

Special K, I agree with you. I was wondering the same thing.