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Monday, August 20, 2007

Blog George! Like you have never blogged before!

Is anyone else wishing George would blog as he did throughout the summer?
I always found the musings from his head... Amusing. Ha! Ha!

Now, it seems work has made him become... occupied and blog free.

September 17th is coming up soon!


Anonymous said...

I agree with you.... I miss reading him... He must have shaved by!!!

Ambivalence said...

I agree, I love reading his me a little bit of insight into his personality or at the very least a recommendation of a song to check out.

However, I can't fault the guy for not posting regularly given how much he's involved with or for the lack of personal posts...can't say I would want to share my personal life either.

Steph A. said...

I find that working for a living interferes with my internet time as well. Yet another sad reality of being a grown-up. ;-}

Janna said...

Cheeky Monkey Miss A!
I understand that he doesn't wanna post about his personal life, and I am not asking, he talks enough about it as it is... however, I do love hearing about his "favourite things" if you will. The person, place or thing that is "doing him in" at that very moment... again always entertaining.

HA HA HA! The beard thing still huh? I hope he DIDN'T shave.

Tracy said...

Janna or another George guru - is Sept 17th the first tape/air date of Season 4 she asked eagerly, knowing that she is in Toronto on business the following day, can legitimately expense her hotel, catch her first live taping of The Hour, grab some good Thai,
hopefully stop this run on sentence and referring to herself in the third person...

Cheers for any info - Tracy

Janna said...

Tracy, I am fairly certain I heard Sept 17 is the start... nope I am positive but if I am wrong I know that Barbara will correct me.


Thanks George!

Barbara said...

There will be a Sept 11th The Hour Special taping for prime time... I don't know the details yet.
Monday Sept 17th is the official season premier of The Hour and I will be soon as they open the booking. (I checked the page on and I don't see the invite to book yet)
I will be going to the premier...We will post the link when they are ready. Hope to see you there Tracy

Tracy said...

Thanks to Barbara, Janna and based on Janna's post - George - for confirming Sept 17th as first tape date for Season 4. Hope to meet you on the 17th Barbara.

Now if only I could get the same quick and direct responses for work related stuff...

Take care... Tracy