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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Birthday George Stroumboulopoulos

I Don't know what that man is doing for his 35(?) birthday. If he keeps in low key or goes all out.
All I'm saying is, whatever gets your through the birthday, it's alright! Enjoy!

Dame was introduced at the Cravefest Video Awards show tonight (August 15) with acknowledgment for their recent success credited to George Stroumboulopoulos' mention of them on The Hour. I am sure he would credit them right back for all the hard work they have put into it.
They are a credit to themselves,(for 14,15 and 16 they know how to rock) and their hard working Managers: Haydain Neale and Michalea Hudson and a very very supportive family.
This brilliant young band is about to release their debut EP soon and this writer suspects it wont be long until they will be signing a record deal.
By the way George they all wish you happy birthday too!


Barbara said...

I ran across this in the Toronto Star today...
If today is your birthday: There is a chance to drastically revise your future and distance yourself from elements that have caused you much pain. You are moving on to pastures new. An exciting new attitude to life will inspire you to toast the happy times that are to come. Happy birthday to George Stroumboulopoulos, 35, right.

Tracy said...

Have a great day, George. 35 in my opinion represented the ideal time to take stock - eliminate any toxic relationships from your life and rededicate yourself to the people and things you truly love. Take time out to still be a kid when you can and continue to bring great passion to work and play!
Best wishes...

carol s said...

When I was younger, I could remember anything, whether it happened or not.
- Mark Twain

Happy Birthday, George.

Anonymous said...

Re-listening to Patti Smith's Because The Night, Sly and others on - good selections !

Noticed August 16th very catastrophic worldwide - sorry to report !!