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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Hello!! My name is Steph. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you would know me by another name…I’m Miss A! If you want to know more about me, take a peek at my profile. That’s pretty much me in a nutshell.

When I was first approached to join the Stroumboulopouli, I was both surprised and hesitant. I haven’t watched The Hour since day one. I only started reading this blog part way through season three and I have yet to attend a taping. I considered myself the least qualified of individuals to be here. I have been reassured that my ‘qualifications’ stem from the fact that I truly enjoy The Hour, appreciate the work of its host and have strong opinions regarding both. I’d like to thank the other ladies for their warm welcome.

So what is it about The Hour that I like the most? Primarily, it’s the diversity of the guests and the topics they cover. From politics to religion, music to movies, and the eclectic human interest stories, there is pretty much something for everyone. I enjoy watching a program that can evoke a variety of emotions while introducing me to new things.

And what about Mr. Stroumboulopoulos? In my mind, there is no interview that he has done that can surpass the June Callwood piece. She chose George for a reason and that choice speaks volumes to his ability and reputation. It is refreshing to sit down and watch a witty and animated human being. I love his anecdotal stories, in particular, the recent “raccoon whisperer” adventures. The true gift that George brings to his audience is his genuine nature. Genuine is not often a quality one associates with a television personality.

On the flip side, is every segment/story on The Hour riveting television? Of course the answer is no. You can’t please all of the people all of the time. No television program is capable of achieving this goal. As viewers of the public broadcaster we are entitled to be critical of ‘our’ programming. However, constant negativity is not as effective as positive reinforcement in attempting to promote improvement or change.

It is my hope to provide a positive ‘vibe’ to the blog, while attempting to fulfill the “what we are all about” mission....and hopefully we’ll enjoy a few laughs along the way!


Barbara said...

Hello Steph! Very happy you have joined us as an offical stroumboulopouli. Your post is very funny and sharp and very much the you we have come to know as a regular commentor on the stroumboulopouli blog and the Strombo show facebook and myspace page. welcome!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

well, i look forward to reading you!

Carol S said...

I only started watching The Hour around March.
I often saw it on the guide and wondered what it was.
Finally, I hit the ole select button... and it was one of those "Oh my God, FINALLY!" moments.

At 42 and someone who hates the status quo, it was a breath of fresh air and a show that has my undivided attention for the whole show. And there aren't many shows on TV that do that, for me.
(And I tell anyone who will listen to watch the show)

Looking forward to reading more posts.

Barbara said...

Hi Carol. We are of the same age and I had the same OMG kind of moment in season two... the show has my attention. Just a little.
Steph, I have to confess I have not been watching from season fact I had never heard of George Stroumboulopoulos before I started watching The Hour. I have since caught the highlights of season one and two in the archives and attended a live show almost once a month since I became a stroumboulopouli. Ya have to come with us to the next one...

Steph A. said...

Keep on telling anyone who will listen!!! I do it all the an example:

When my mom had cataract surgery last November, the day surgery lounge had children's easels loaded with paper and crayons. I was bored (we were there for six hours and I forgot my book)and to briefly occupy myself, I wrote this, in big letters, on each of the four easels:


Barbara and 668...
Thanks for the kind words :-)

carol s said...

Hi Barbara and Steph.

I consider myself an immature 42...haha
I think I was a little mad at myself for not
checking it out sooner.
Mentioning the show during conversations
with different group of friends, who range from mid-thirties to late fifties, I have found that they are watching as well. The show seems to attract a wide age group...

Easels at the hospital... very creative!
I will keep that in mind. lol

I would LOVE to go to a taping. May have to start planning a little trip to TO!! I may ask for advise on where to stay...

Green Tea - Iced Tea said...

Hi Carol, it's nice to find something to be excited about, when you're past your fangirlish teenage years!

Steph A. said...

There are lots of hotels close to the CBC broadcast centre!! You will have no problem finding one!

You are quite right, people of all ages watch. The youngest person I know of who watches is eight and the eldest is my mom...but I won't reveal her age...she'd kill me ;)

carol s said...

Hi green tea - iced tea,
You are so right! Especially when it comes to television... lol

I am already scheming steph a.

Barbara said...

Carol, on our blog in the archives for May, you will find an interview we did with George near the end of season three. He is just like that in person.
Let me know when you are coming to Toronto. I would be happy to be your tour guide.

Jenuine said...

Agreeing with Neighbour, I too look forward to reading your posts.

carol s said...

Love the interview.
Seems like a very, very easy going person.

I will keep you posted on any pending adventures to Toronto. Working for a living really cramps my style... : )