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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pleased to meet you Hope you get to know my name.

Hopefully, I can provide you with a smile, some thoughts to ponder, and not make too many mistakes in this new adventure into the blogging world.
(As I prematurely just posted this, without meaning to, I can see that I'm off to a roaring start.)
My intention with this first post was too introduce my thoughts on the show, and have edited a previous post that I had submitted to in response to the Ryerson article on Mr. GS and the show. So now that it's out there, I hope you find something you can relate to, and if not, that's cool too.
I give my heartfelt thanks to Barbara for the invite, and to Steph A for her friendly welcome, and to the previous bloggers that left, I thank you for some interesting reads over the last little while, and hope that I can fill a little of the very large shoes that you have left.

There seems to be an ongoing debate of liking/disliking the show/host, and I’m not quite sure what all the fuss is about. There are so many avenues & outlets to catch up on the world these days, that it’s really quite overwhelming, and regularly one dimensional.
In my opinion, The Hour (along with the host) offers multi-dimensional subjects, interviews, news coverage, celebrity coverage, humour, and Canadianism (If that’s even a word, but I think you get my drift).
They offer a glimpse into our crazy world and affect our emotions, while encouraging us to expand our knowledge by reading their guests’ books, listening to their music, watching their movies, researching their political views or oppositions, looking beyond what we are fed by mainstream media and slightly feeding our appetite for non-conformity. Most of what they offer us leaves much room for discussion with friends, co-workers, family members, strangers, forums and blogs.
The guests are asked the right questions, often takin them by surprise, prompting knee-jerk responses and honest, unrehearsed responses. Giving their viewers a unique & often memorable interview (eg: June Calwood’s last interview).
Of course the program’s not perfect, nor is the host, nor is anyone, but really, that is what makes the program it’s own. I don’t know how many times I’ve cringed with their awkward attempts at opening skits, but every once in a while, they strike comedy gold and get a good belly laugh out of me. (Falling into the Pope’s vehicle!)
I could be wrong, but I think the show’s directive is to open our eyes & ears a little wider, while prompting debate and new opinions. Like a lot of other people, I take every chance I can get to catch up on the world around me at the end of a long day. I appreciate the shit out of The Hour and will watch it when I can, for as long as it runs.


Steph A. said...

Welcome, once again Jenuine! I am looking forward to reading your posts!! :)

Allan said...

Is this a real post?
By a real person?

It was sort of interesting to read.
Especially they way you unintentionally put down so much of the show.
But good 'ol college try.

I too would appreciate the shit out of the Hour.
As soon as possible, someone please flush.

Perhaps J., in your next outing, you could point to just one thing that made you think seriously about life.
Other than wanting to be a P.R. writer.

I'm such a pain, aren't I?

Jenuine said...

(In my best Newman voice)
I'm flattered to hear from you so soon.
The only mild pain you have been to me thus far, is trying to figure out what your directive is.
Perhaps, I shouldn't be encouraging you with my ponderings, but I do find you somewhat of an anomaly.
In reviewing some of your comments left on various sites, I can see that you are an advocate for inspiring others to think outside their normal perimeters of safe or middle of the road opinions. You have passion on the subject of free speech, yet you also seem to believe in certain guidelines.
Perhaps I'm giving you too much credit in my interpretations of your responses.....perhaps not.
Oh, and Allan? Upon flushing, don't forget to turn on the fan. The smell tends to linger longer than the act.
; P

I didn't realize that you were familiar with Marxist's theory on P.ermanent R.evolution.
Looking forward to working with you.

Barbara said...

Welcome to the blog Jen. I see you have settled in nicely.
Well said post that got me laughing.
Nice to have BC represention on the blog!

carol s said...

Surprised to learn there is an ongoing debate.
Huh? Was my reaction... lol

I believe the first show I watched was the Stephan Jones interview. Have been hooked every since.

Janna said...

Welcome!!!! I am also looking forward to writing with you!!!

Allan said...

You're certainly on top of me.
But your wanting to stretch out the poo-poo jokes is already distasteful.
There is of course a measure of truth to it, in that it will take years for the CBC to recover completely from The Hour and it's relation to bodily functions (that is, those above the eyebrows and inside a protective layer of bone).
And yes, I'm pissed of at the boneheads who want to bring this "show" back again, and it's pretensions to news and entertainment, with only the laziest effort to back it up.

That's some brave new world all those piercings are intended to stand for.

Anonymous said...

allen, your ramblings make less and less sense every single day.

Allan said...

tell me about it

No, don't.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

ha ha.. allan that last comment made me laugh!

Allan said...

After discovering today a somewhat uncomfortable message, to put it mildly, left by barbara at one of my blogs, I have decided that I'm not in desperate need to participate in this blog, and am departing.
Feel free to let all the "good riddance, 3 cheers" burst forth, but I really won't be here to hear them.
That bookmark ... is gone.

Jenuine said...

Barbara, have you ever thought of changing careers?
Don't fuck with Maîtresse Barbara!
; )

Anonymous said...

is Allan serious? i'm waiting to finding out if we're being punked 'cause this is too good to be true.


Anonymous said...

Barbara doesn't suffer fools gladly !