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Monday, January 08, 2007

Nothing better than the real thing

The MySpace group of 10 or so met up in the atrium of the CBC building today.
No ACTRA picket lines in sight...
The taping of The Hour was not affected by the strike.

We were sitting at a table and Jian Ghomeshi was walking by....
I got his attention and introductions soon followed.
He is so funny, so sweet and remembered all our names... sort of.
He is my favourite correspondent for The Hour.
There I said it. I have a favourite.

Jian was not scheduled to be on The Hour that night
so we eventually had to let him go on his way. We had a show to get to...
One hosted by our buddy George.

My cell phone pic does not compare to Valia's nice camera. Love the group Shot, Me, Robert M., George, Wendy and E.

The show was livey this night with three in studio guests.
Jack Layton had a lot of interesting things to say about the environment.
Second time in two months I have seen the man in person.
The Little Mosque on the Prairie intro and interview with Zaib Shaikh were both very funny and I am looking forward to watching the show Tuesday 8:30pm.... doesn't that time compete with The Hour?
Oh well one could watch The Hour at 11, I guess...
The gossip website was getting me kinda jealous because she has thousands readers and well this here little blog ... I guess we just need to sex this one up a bit to stay competitive.

Just kidding. Not big fans of celeb gossip round here.

As for sexing it up....
With a Host like George playing piano for us all and chatting after the show. Picture from my cell phone

Valia took this picture with her very nice camera...
There is nothing sexier than that my friend!
Too bad I don't have that audio.
What can I tell you about that conversation?
That he is very good about talking about music, motorcycles and what interests the audience...
But you knew that already.
We got to participate in that conversation and that is worth the price of admission .

Barbara W.


Bec said...

Awwwe, I wanna go too!! ;) Glad you guys had a good time. What did you do after? Weren't you going out?

Allan said...

It's a great post Barbara.
I look forward to dozens of pictures.
But really you should just blab it all out.
That's what we came hear for.
Don't be afraid to tell it all.
So what.
I'll protect you.

Barbara said...

After The Hour and the chat time we went out to a pub on Queen Street to chat about it all and get to know each other better. George had to stay at the CBC and work.
Allan there will be an article on the Humber magazine this summer that will talk about that legendary night at The Hour...
I did not take notes because a friendly conversation is off the record for the most part.
Nothing controversial.. just conversation about Cat Powers and the strombo show and motorcycles and music.... Lots of music talk.

hilary m. said...

I kind of wish I lived in Toronto. Interesting stuff seems to just skip Calgary. It would be nice to be in a live audience sometimes and to meet people like Jian Ghomeshi when you're eating your lunch. The most noteworthy person walking the streets that I've seen is the anchorman for Global Calgary.

Sounds great though, it's nice to get people together like that!

Barbara said...

Hilary you have interviewed twice by Jian. You are a the star in Calgary! I would love to meet you in person.

J said...

Awh! He really did get scratched! I see that cute little bandaid!

Looks like you all had fun...
But no pic of Valia.. so sad.
Hilary M is the star here!

B, as always thanks for the monthly update!

Anonymous said... cute..Georges myspace groupies all in one place to inflate his ego!Cute