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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Someone please tell me that was an anomaly

I had a chance to watch The Hour again last night, for the first time in months.

What has happened to the show I used to love?

It started to go south for me when the writer, Paul, did his standup schtick on advising George Bush on speech-making. Now from what I understand, Paul is a writer for the show, not a standup comic, but honestly, my comic delivery is better than that, and I can't tell a joke to save my life. That in itself is forgiveable, but the material wasn't really very funny. I think if you are going to use air time to produce a segment like that, you have to make sure you are actually humourous. Yet the audience still laughed at all the lame jokes, confirming my observations that they really add no more to the show as a televised entity than a laughtrack would. I'm assuming they were just being polite.

But the really disturbing thing for me was that the spark (which had made me a faithful viewer for two years) seemed to be missing from the show. There was something oddly flat and formulaic about what was being presented to me. Even George's jokes were stale. I was stunned to hear him make a quip about The One. My god, isn't it time to stop flogging that dead horse?

I used to rely on The Hour to provide me with a fresh perspective on current affairs. In Season One and Two, it was one of the best sources of accessible analysis on television. I saw no evidence of that quality last night, and it saddened me.

I stopped watching halfway through.

I'm hoping that someone can assure me that January 9, 2007's show was a one-off, that it was just a bad night. Hey, we all have bad nights.

Barbara B


Barbara said...

Is it fair to watch only half the show then ask if it was an off night?
I thought the interview about the CIA brainwashing at McGill was very interesting.
I liked the Amy Lee interview because I've never heard from her before. I like her attitude.
Ron MacLeans best story ever was odd but interesting. I have a better story and I am sure you do too but that's why The Hour is asking for everyones stories...
I thought you would like the list last night about fights in bands...

Evelyne said...

I'm trying to catch the hour a lot more than I did before the Christmas break... and I find it quite different than last year. Last year, it was a lot more about the news, and I liked it, I'm not watching the News at night, I don't have enough time, The Hour used to be how I knew the main stories of the day, well now I have to read online newspapers... But last night, I really liked the CIA brainwashing involving McGill psychiatrists.

Becky said...

Sorry, Barb W, but I couldn't agree with more with Barb B. I often find myself tuning out or changing the channel, something I would deem unthinkable last year. I dislike some of their stuff and that's my opinion. I often find that they have off nights. Just because it's George doesn't mean we have to watch it.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I think it is more than fair, Barbara W, which is precisely why I asked if it was an off-night, rather than just stating that the show is now dead to me.
Although I was already familiar with the story of the McGill experiments (thus it wasn't really telling me anything new), that is the type of segment that I would like to see the Hour return to more often, something with a little meat and relevance.
I won't get into how I have always found Amy Lee and Evanescence vapid, because that is simply a matter of preference. Yet I keep finding myself returning to As It Happens on CBC Radio,which has been running for many years with no real format change and yet still so fresh and relevant, as an example of the type of show that The Hour should be striving to emulate.

That's the impression that I got last night as well, Evelyne, that there was far less emphasis on the news and more on entertainment. I guess it's all part of the new format, but I think it weakens the show.

It's unfortunate to hear that this is more than just a one-off, Becky. I agree that this is not the same show that I enjoyed so much last year and the year prior. I think the direction that the Hour has taken has probably turned more than a few people off, but then again, some people seem to like it.

Evelyne said...

Barbara B, I think that you explained why now The Hour is more a background sound than something that I have to watch every night. But they still have some really good interviews (sometimes), but I'd like to get back the past seasons' format.

hilary m. said...

I have been losing interest in the Hour, I agree with Evelyne, the news aspect seems more important to me. Now I just read the Globe & Mail or the local paper for my news. I suppose they're trying to get it to cater to a wider audience..

Barbara said...

George does an interview like nobody else and it will keep me watching. I am looking back on last year and I growled, and laughed and enjoyed it or tuned out of the shows as much as I do this year.
Not every topic last year was scintillating... the difference was the live aspect, and the on the road getting in touch with the people aspect. That's what hooked us last year.
I keep that fresh for me by going to The Hour once a month and participating in The Strombo Show on Sunday nights. If you can listen online Sundays and call in to, or write the radio show via email or Georges MySpace it brings a community together participating in the evenings entertainment. More so than even The Hour did last year by being live.
Just my thoughts...

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That's a good point, Evelyne. The Hour does seem to work better as background this year then as something that you must catch every word of. I did not find myself sushing anybody last night...

And I've gone back to CBC Radio for my news, Hilary. But if I want to watch a late night talk show, I'd have to go with Stephen Colbert.

George is a really cool guy to hang out with, I admit, Barbara W. But it sounds as though most of us are looking to be informed when it comes to The Hour. All the extra trappings of radio shows etc are not something that is of any interest to me. But to each her own.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

although i didn't watch this episode, i'm going to comment anyways.

my two cents.. it's not a one off. it's funny because i really thought they had gotten their groove back right before the xmas break. but since they been back, they have gotten rid of the closer and the shows have been weak. and seem even more focused on entertainment more than ever. granted i have only watched monday's episode this week. i will catch up on the rest this week.

Allan said...

Barbara B
You expressed it so well.
So let me focus a moment on your posting.
The Hour has become really dull and too predictable. It's tiring to watch, so you should not feel guilty about leaving half way through.
It has ground to a boring halt.
The charisma of George can no longer hide a really lame show. And by lame, I mean lacking in energy, spark, creativity and where's the fun.
It's frustrating to watch George doing a show like this. It seems so beneath him, and in some ways he's in over his head.
I would expect an incredible, daring and fun show from George. This is blah.
The news is not especially exciting, and the celebrity guests seem to be entirely at the whim of some public relations firm working in cahoots with the show. There are usually ten other people I'm more interested on a given night than what's been scheduled, and I don't care how big their names are, it all seems so forced. Not fun.

Maybe it's time to give Jan Arden a try for one night if they insist on staying with that format. Like, what difference would it make? It could really only make it more interesting.
There's no great skill or wit in many of the interviews George does, so why bother pretending to be interested in some Evanesence girl - I mean, where's Avril and Joni and Britney and Paris, come on. Who chooses these guests and why are so many Americans who are on a promotional tour. Even Mike Bullard was more fun with these people AND - AND - he got them to perform a song!!!!
Despite what the theme song of the Hour promises there's NO music tonight, ever.
Must be a union rule.
A rock show without music - ? - you gotta be kidding!

I am more than frustrated, I'm infuriated. It is such a wasted opportunity, this narrow-minded format and monotonous routine the show goes through each night.
This could have been the greatest show ever.
It's a horrible experience.

Brooksie said...

A small aside in reference to Allan's comment on the theme song -

It is title Use It by the New Pornographers. It is not "music tonight".

Amy said...

I totally agree. In the first couple of seasons it was all about the news and it was different and fresh. Im a journalism student who has hardly any time and George was the one show where I could get the international coverage that I could not get anywhere else. Now its all about the celebratities that come on the show. Sure some of them are good, but they occupy up to much of them time. I really wish it would go back to more of the news aspect. I really enjoyed the different segements that were on the show like The Set-Up and Closer of Mile a Minute and you don't get these on a regular basis anymore which is a dissappointment. I will still catch George as often as I can and still watch because it is George, but the format and times have changed to much too say it is still one of my favorite shows.

Allan said...

... and that's another thing that's wrong with The Hour ... you can't make out the correct lyrics!

Toccata said...

Interesting post. I got totally thrashed earlier when I made pretty much the same comments!

It's sad to see the show fall apart the way it has. I used to love this show but lately I find I just cannot watch it.

Anonymous said...

I went to a taping recently and someone asked if the format of the show is going to change and George replied it is still early days and used the example of Conan O'Brien's show taking four years in the late-night time slot before it cemented the public's interest.

Personally, I think the show overdoes the entertainment news and George commented in the past that he was tired of having to cover Britney Speers while on Much. I feel the show could feature more serious topics.

I wanted to ask if they were going to choose another opening song next year instead !

the "other Amy"

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm glad you did comment even though you didn't see this particular episode, 668. It gives me some perspective with which to make comparisons. I didn't even realize that the closer is now gone as well. That's a pity.

"It seems so beneath him, and in some ways he's in over his head" That's a pretty telling observation, Allan, and I think I got an inkling of that while watching this episode. We certainly know that George is capable of much better and it's almost as though he has given up caring. I suppose I might too.
Although I haven't seen many episodes this year, I do check the website and agree that I haven't really seen any names of guests that I feel I simply must see.
Jan Arden eh? She is always entertaining and would do well in a similar format. I think when it's George at the helm, we expect so much more.

"Use It" it certainly it, Brooksie, although I do know someone else who heard it as "music tonight". Another addition for the misheard lyrics game... (one of my favourites).

Amy, I have always appreciated the Setup. I thought it was brilliant in what it delivered; it brought people up to speed on the issue, yet did so in a succinct, straight ahead fashion. Some could argue that you cannot get the whole baskground in such a brief time, but by god they did a remarkable job.
And I agree that the international coverage was where I most appreciated the Hour. Such a shame to hear that this is no longer featured regularly.

Nice recovery, Allan!

Toccata, you were quite simply ahead of your time, I guess. The trailblazers always take the flack. But obviously you saw this happening a while ago. It really is quite a sad turn of events.

Other Amy, perhaps there is hope that the producers will listen to us and understand that they need to make some changes, to return to what the show used to do so well. Or perhaps what George meant at the taping was that they will keep flogging this late-night format (for four years, if necessary) until people accept it. I sure hope not.
I don't know what the plans are for the theme song for next year. I know that "Use It' seems to have been a controversial choice, although personally I love the New Pornos and think that the video for "Use It" is really fun.

Anonymous said...

I can't comment on how the show used to be...because I didn't watch it before October. I'm one of the "new" fans.
I'll be honest, I went to a taping of The Hour, not because I was interested in the news but because I thought George was hot and it sounded like something fun to do before going out to dinner with friends in T.O. However, the reason I've continued to stay up past my bedtime the last few months have nothing to do with a cute host.
For me, I love watching the Hour for the interviews because its like being privileged to a private conversation between George and his guest. He's not asking the standard boring questions with the scripted answers that I see on every other entertainment show. And I do find the show funny - I think the dialogue is hilarious for the most part.
When I went to the taping, I thought George would be a "celebrity". Someone would announce his name, he would come out, sit away from the audience, read off the teleprompter and maybe sign an autograph or two. Instead, he stood in line with the audience to get into the show, chatting with the audience every time he could, with seconds to spare from the breaks run in front of the camera and just talk, and he waited and talked after the show to every person there like he was hosting a dinner party. ...I can find a pretty face on any channel but I can't find a real, genuine, Canadian, intelligent host just anywhere so I stay up to watch the show.
Maybe, I'm naive. Maybe, I'm looking for entertainment and not news. Maybe, I just have horrible judgement. Maybe I missed out on 2 years of great programming. Maybe the show is experimenting and hasn‘t settled on the perfect balance yet. But I'm a fan of George and the Hour and I recommend it to everyone...and I don't even have a blog dedicated to the man and his show.

Barbara said...

Thank you anon 10:47... I agree with ya.

As for closers there are some really good ones but they are not every night. It's like the closer writer is working part time...
They still do the set up and Bio and other interesting info only segments...

I'm no expert on putting a show together and I was very entertained by the show tonight Jan 11 for example. The Cat Powers interview was intense. There was nothing boring about the show tonight... to me anyway.

My next post will explore the Best Stories Ever... Have you sent them your Best Story Ever?

Allan said...

Perhaps we can agree that some things about the Hour are still pretty cool:
a. The background stuff like BIO and SET-UP are quite helpful if poorly written.
b. George seems so happy when doing the "NEWS" and becomes very animated. It's his second best moment each night, even though it could be way more comprehensive and informative. Some of the items seem to be chosen more for the punch-line that it affords than because it's actually interesting.
c. By far, his biggest strength and the highlight of the Hour is actually one never seen on screen (how goofy is that?) and anyone who's attended a taping knows what I'm referring to - his interaction with the audience. It is just so outstanding. I could watch his exchanges with the audience for the full hour and be very happy, very satisfied. Truly far more interesting and captivating than ANY interview with a guest, any guest. He's extremely skilled and inspiring during these Q & A's.
THE most engaging moments, and NOT on the show. Plain dumb.
d. The NEWSSTAND is one place you know for sure you're going to have a good time with George and his guest. It's fun, fascinating, wonderful. The highlight of everything every time.
So out of 44 minutes we are left with 30 that are kind of depressing. And let me tell you, at that time of day (11pm) I need the world to at least pretend to lighten up a bit .Wouldn't music help? It's clearly a big part of George - hell, I'd settle for him playing the piano for an hour. That could reach nirvana!
I wanted to make it clear that I'm not going to ignore or belittle what I believe actually works, and some of it does.
Now, it's hard to feel sorry for a guy on the cover of Toronto Life, BUT, with his frequent references to Much Music you get the idea that he seems to miss his life and stature from what were perhaps happier days.

Lauren said...

I can never get this thing to log in...

The simple solution is this - if you don't like it, don't watch it.

But you do watch it, so... what the heck, the society for masochism forms here?

I hear negative things, some are quite valid, some are just angry.

Whatever the case, it's a matter of turn it off.

This is probably the last season for the show since there are problems, faults, complaints, low ratings...

Execs have ideas, the writers have ideas, and George can't just stand out there for 55 minutes every night and speak.

So where does it leave us?

George is not going to be a Carson or a Letterman. He won't do this show for a long time. He's exploring it, having fun with it, and the fans he's attracting aren't really getting it, I think.

If people are watching, then the show goes on, execs thinking it is working, somehow, and they get money from commercials, and the CBC needs the money.

Some will complain that they give feedback and nothing happens. It is read, considered, but honestly, responses to everyone commenting... you'd get a generic letter and be more upset by that.

If you don't like it, don't watch it. I keep typing it in here. With reason.

It's fine to find faults and discuss, but when it comes time that you're just not liking anything about a show, you just need to move on.

There are other shows on TV, there are books, there's the net...

You have choice. And it is good that you can recognize that you don't like this show as much, maybe the show has changed, moved away from your tastes, and that's allowed.

It's okay to decide you don't like something or someone anymore. Really. It is.

It's my hope that you find the things in life to inspire you, entertain you, and enlighten you, rather than be upset about something that has moved away from you are, or, that you have moved away from.

Long, I know, but I needed to say it. Have at it if you will.

Allan said...

Remember when George sat staring at a cd saying "I love Cat Power, I love Cat Power"last year?
When a guest turns you on, you're going to do a great interview.
And what guy doesn't like p.... ?

Allan said...

The ridiculous point, which has been made by both George and Lauren, is that if you don't like the show - there's something wrong with YOU!
Think about that, please. And look up "condescending".

Lauren said...


I never said anything about if you don't like it there is something wrong with you. Or with anyone.

Misquote, someone.

I said turn it off, and then I posted about supporting a person in finding something they like, something that makes the person happy.

Which comment were you reading, cause, that wasn't mine.

You are perfectly allowed to ndislike George. Nothing wrong with that at all!@

I only question why someone would waste energy on it, when there are things to go be happy about in life.

hilary m. said...

Just reading everyone's comments, it's all very interesting!

It's so refreshing to get some different perspectives once and a while. I'm glad that people are able to express the way they feel about this and that each person comes from a unique point of view. I think criticism can be healthy and I'm glad there are people to agree and disagree with it.


Lauren said...

A thought occurred as J and I were chatting...

George is a poster boy. Read his myspace, you'll see that the people posting barely know anything about him.

I think we were the audience seasons 1 and 2 were for. Season 3 is for some other group the CBC wants to capture.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

ok, i'm going to get blasted here but i'm going to say it anyways. i really dislike this attitude that if you are not absolutely in love with the hour/george, that you should just keep your mouth shut. yes, this is a pro-hour site, but shouldn't we be allowed to express an opinion on the turn the show has taken this year. because whether you like it or not, the show is definately different this year. and sorry lauren, this whole if i don't like it, i should dump it suggestion really bothers me. if i don't like something, shouldn't i be allowed to try and change it? i've watched the show from episode one, and it breaks my heart when i feel the show is going in the wrong direction. i could just turn the show off. but wouldn't the better solution be, offering constructive criticism and try to offer solutions in order to improve the show? reading this site, other blogs, even the strombo forum, more than one person shares my concerns. and i don't just leave my opinions here, i blog about it, and i send it to the powers that be. if people would rather just read, oh i love the hour, it's brilliant, then fine. perhaps i shouldn't be here. but i always got the idea, that people here like open discussion.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

ok, apparently i'm not finished with my rant yet.

and why do i continue to watch the hour? because every so often, there is that moment when i remember why i loved it. and when that moment comes, it gives me hope.

Lauren said...

I apologize for all of this.

It was never meant to be "If you don't like it too bad go somewhere else"

It was meant to be "we should be responsible to ourselves first, and never afraid to say I do not like this tonight and thus I am turning the channel"

I didn't phrase it the right way, and now it's a bit stir.

We want this show to be as we remember it, The show has changed. We can try to make a difference.

I just want all of us in this community to be happy, to find what makes us happy. If something upsets you so much, the energy in being negative and upset about it can become a waste.

It's advice I am working to achieve for myself. Take it as you want to take it, because I just wanted people to be confident in themselves, in their own power to choose and respond without blind devotion to an ideal.

I didn't expect tp ne up late and concerned over it.

We may not get back the Hour that we love. And ultimately, we need to deal with that, and decide whether we want to shift our expectations, or shift our viewing.

The power is ours.

Allan said...

I want to do neither.

Allan said...

Did someone say misquote?
"the fans he's attracting aren't really getting it"
"If you think I'm dumbing the news down, well, then you don't really get what we're doing. "

J said...

UGH! I feel sick. Absolutely, sick to my stomach...

Barbara B,
I don't know what happened to the show you used to love. I am constantly thinking and posting...


While I am soooo glad Hilary seems to have disapeared from their repertoire. Paul isn't really making it any better.

I am so sad you found Amy Lee to be vapid. But you are right... I was pretty meh to s

Barbara W,

I am so against sending in my own Best Story Ever... 1. I am not sure I want to share it... 2. it isn't my job to do the shows job... If they want BEST STORIES EVER then they need to go find them.

"George does an interview like nobody else and it will keep me watching. I am looking back on last year and I growled, and laughed and enjoyed it or tuned out of the shows as much as I do this year.
Not every topic last year was scintillating... the difference was the live aspect, and the on the road getting in touch with the people aspect. That's what hooked us last year.
I keep that fresh for me by going to The Hour once a month and participating in The Strombo Show on Sunday nights. If you can listen online Sundays and call in to, or write the radio show via email or Georges MySpace it brings a community together participating in the evenings entertainment. More so than even The Hour did last year by being live.
Just my thoughts... "

Okay... here is the thing... I think he needs to go back to being live... it made him focus better. It made for spontaenity. George has lost that... his jokes are bleeped out sometimes or fleshed out with Paul. If he was live he couldn't do that. It is the studio audience that is killing him...


And I disagree that being able to message or phone (or in your case visit) the show is better then live... George changes. And he focuses on that studio he should... but he completely... I mean completely loses his camera audience.


I so wish they would go back to the previous format. It was captivating.


I think we have talked about the missing Closers before... it is super tragic. That was the best part of the show.

Sadly...I think the show has become more entertainment based. Some of the news items are dumb... if you don't want to talk about Paris Hilton, George, don't! Don't talk about her then.


"The charisma of George can no longer hide a really lame show. And by lame, I mean lacking in energy, spark, creativity and where's the fun.
It's frustrating to watch George doing a show like this. It seems so beneath him, and in some ways he's in over his head.
I would expect an incredible, daring and fun show from George. This is blah."

Oh this is so true... SO TRUE. Did you see Season Two?
It was incredible, daring and fun...

Some how I get the feeling he could walk away at any moment because this show is beneath him and yet he does seem on occassion that he is in so far over his head that treading water is a losing battle.

The jokes are mostly forced.

"This could have been the greatest show ever"

It was last year. I couldn't wait for it everynight... now... I am excited and a loyal viewer but something is missing.

Barbara B,

You are right, as I alluded to above... George is capable of better.


"Wouldn't music help? It's clearly a big part of George - hell, I'd settle for him playing the piano for an hour. That could reach nirvana!"

LOL! If the show was just George interacting with the audience all day it would be a hit... oh wait... he did used to do that... last year...but you are right on the piano front... nirvana awaits.


We have talked about this. I don't agree with you. I watch the show, great, good, indifferent or crap.

I refuse to turn it off because of the "fuck off" attitude.

I get his show. I get his little quips. I am still watching through the crap. I started this journey with The Hour and I will continue. George or no George, Hilary, and Paul, Jian, or that other guy from first Season.

I refuse to turn it off because people don't like me to criticize. I don't like watching mediocrity. We are Canadians and to keep our audience on Canadian stuff we need to be better then the best show on in the States. That means


I taped the Cat Power interview... it should prove to be intersting.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I am really gratified to see such a spirited and passionate discussion here. Thank you so much, EVERYONE, for weighing in with your thoughts. I think this demonstrates that The Hour still has the power to move people, and I think that anything that generates debate and the search for improvement is a good thing.

I have to add an edit to my original post by saying that last night (Jan 11), I did get another chance to do what I so rarely get to do anymore - watch the Hour in its entirety. I found myself considerably more drawn into the show that I had been by the Jan 9 episode. The geopolitical analysis was precisely what I had been hoping to see, the Cat Power interview had considerably more life than the Amy Lee interview of the previous day, and I have always enjoyed the trips to the Newstand.

That said, I still have a huge problem with the issue of the live audience. As J stated, the audience diverts George's attention to them, and with the pauses that ensue to accomodate audience reaction, I find their presence distracting and annoying. The addition of the audience does not make for good television.

But I think there is hope yet to turn this show back into the great and informative television that it once was.

Evelyne said...

Last night show was better (Thursday night), they talked about the war in Iraq and the US, the first 15 minutes were not only an interview, I liked it, and it was way better than the other shows of the week. I’d like to see that more often.

The interviews can be really good sometimes (George is a good interviewer), but I’d like to have more of those segments like the one they did about the war in Iraq. And I keep watching because I know that somehow, the show is going to get better, and that one night, it might be really good because George is a good host and that I know that this tv show used to be almost perfect.

What’s wrong isn’t the host, it is the way that the show is build. I think that being on Newsworld during the previous seasons, they had to do more news and less entertainment… but on CBC, it is different, the audience is difference, people watching Newsworld want news (about Canada, the world….). Maybe that the switch to CBC forced them to change the format of the show, by doing that more people would watch the show… I don’t know.

Allison said...

Wow, I came late to the game here.

Discussions like this is what we started this site for. Barb, kudos on a great post (yet again) and everyone for contributing.

Anonymous said...

Given that there is little, if any, objectivity in the way things are presented on the "mile a minute" news segments, has CBC ever addressed the news as opinion or excessively one-sided?

Anonymous said...

Its anon 10:47 (aka Erin). I think that there are a lot of common themes in what you are all saying you want the Hour to be (or be again):
Have live music.
Be more news/less Entertainment focused.

I work for an organization that gives out government grants and with that there are a lot of restrictions. Being that CBC is a public company they probably run into a lot of the same issues. There are probably guidelines that programming can't overlap or compete with existing Canadian content therefore it has to be new or innovative.

So...more news would compete with the National...drawing viewers away from one of the CBC entertainment focus is complimentary rather than competitive.

Music, especially live music would compete with all the music stations (Much, More Much, Loud, MTV, etc.) and not really provide something that couldn't be found on another station.

I'm sure you have arguments on how more news wouldn't compete or live music would be new (because George has a lot of guests that wouldn't get covered on the a fore mentioned stations) but from the CBC perspective to get change you need to show the economic benefit.

Therefore, why not use this site and show The Hour and CBC what needs to change. Instead of 1 person saying "make the show live, bring back the emails" show them that 200 loyal fans are saying that. If you can show numbers, then your voice is heard.

Anyways, that's my 2 cents from a business perspective and I do believe the CBC is a business and its the one setting the guidelines.

Anonymous said...

Evelyn, that is a good point about the format being affected due to the show being aired on CBC and interesting point in the last comment about CBC guidelines and programming restrictions, sheds a different light.

I agree with Hilary M. and 668 and feel people should voice their opinions about how they feel.

Last but not least, I generally still enjoy the spirit of the show even if it going through growing pains.


Allan said...

"There are probably guidelines that programming can't overlap or compete with existing Canadian content"
"more news would compete with the National"

need I say anything?

Stella Jato Unit said...

I couldn't agree more. The CBC (and George!) has an unusual platform they can use to inform otherwise disillusioned kids about what really makes the world turn, and it seems like they are passing that opportunity up (in comparison to previous seasons) for Paris Hitlon and K-Fed references. I'm hoping this is a temporary lapse... I still get my Hour fix once in a while - don't get me wrong - but I am having a hard time getting pumped over it.

As an aside, I was in the audience before Xmas and had a great time. Check it out:

Anonymous said...

Leave it to the Corpse to take a great show and screw it up.
Now, I love George as much as the next gal, but the show is starting to make me cringe. I find myself watching only for the eye candy. It was a much better show the last two seasons, when they weren't trying so hard. Which seems to be common sentiment, so how do we get the show we all loved back? Maybe there is no going back, we'll just have to watch George sell out on potentially being a real journalist and go back to reporting on Britney's gum on e-bay

Christy said...

I've been reading your blog for quite some time now (great writing btw) and just had to put my 2 cents in for this one.
I've been watching The Hour since the beginning of season 1, as well as being a (new) regular listener to the Strombo Show.
I have to agree that this season is lacking depth. I used to actually WATCH the show, now I just mearly have it on, sometimes just as background noise. It's sad really. I miss the old format. I miss Peter coming out at the end to read viewer's mail.
I don't mind the live audience. I just don't like it when George gets distracted and loses focus. I've been to a few tapings when they brought the show out to Vancouver and had a blast each time. He's great talking to everyone, and actually seems to be interested in what we have to say!

Funny, I just realized while reading everyone's comments that the Closer is gone! WTF!?!

I miss Jian and the on-going debates about Canadian music. Music in general to be more specific. Now all we get to see is pics taken from his camera phone. When we get to see him at all :(

Hilary's quite funny. I just want to see some reporting. Comedy is great once in awhile, I know there is a lot of wit to it, but to me, she seems to be dumbing things down. Sad, cause I know she's an extremely intelligent person.

k. I've rambled enough. I look forward to hearing more of what you guys have to say...

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