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Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Hour this week

Sunday Jan 21 the Strombo show will be a 'Best Of' because our hard working host is still doing interviews at The Sundance Film Festival.
He will be back home Monday morning.

I am sure we will see the results of that labour this week and perhaps in the following weeks.

UPDATE: Monday's show is not happening maybe... George is currently snowed in at the airport see his website for details... Latest He thinks he can make it in time to do the show.
In fact he made it and looks like he had a great weekend.... if you know what I'm sayin'

Scheduled on Monday is Serena Ryder. Check out her new website

The Actor James Cromwell will be on Tuesday.

Wendesday Russell Simmons Hip Hop Artist.
And Howie Mandel, Comedian, Actor and Game Show Host.

The Barnaked Ladies will be on Thursday. So will Johnny Briggs of Coronation Street.

I would love to be in that audience.
OH and one more thing about Thursdays show
Jian on The Hour!
On Thursday, January 25th, Jian will return to CBC's The Hour. He's got a lil' something on his mind...
and I will be in the audience.


christy said...

Poor guy. I hate being stuck in an airport. Maybe now he'll actually have time to relax!
I'm hoping they will run the segment they did on Jesus Camp from last Thursday's show. I saw Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady on Gill Deacon's show last week and would love to hear George's take on it!

Barbara said...

Yeah they said they were going to run that but I never saw it... well they have a chance on tonight's 'best of the week' or they could cover it Monday.. you have a good point. I still have hope that somehow he'll get to the CBC in time... *cosses fingers*
You think he'll relax in the airport? Maybe now is a good time to email him and get a reply...because you know he's on the computer.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i'm a freak. i love being at airports. as long as i don't have to wait in a line, i'm happy.

christy said...

I emailed him about the Jesus Camp segment. And he does read his mail, I sent it on myspace and according to my outbox, he read it. :)
I watched a bunch of clips about the documentary on You Tube. creeped me right out!
I think for him, being able to sit in one spot for more than 5 minutes IS relaxing for him! lol
I've met him a few times here in Vancouver and the guy never keeps still!

DW said...

Hi Guys!!! Well George - if there is one thing we KNOW is never plan to travel the actual day you expect to be there!!! It was great seeing you in PC!!! And check out our blog on - as our client had the EXACT SAME Problem - only he actually left the airport in Vancouver only to tour the freakin west coast before landing in SLC!!!


christy said...

aww. It will be good to see Johnny Briggs on Thursday. It's weird watching Corrie without him...