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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dream show

Jan 25th 2007
Dear Diary,
I had that dream again last night... The one with George, Jian and the Barenaked Ladies all on one show...

I am still processing the reality of tonight's show. It's a personal thing... I have been a long time fan of The Barenaked Ladies and don't care who knows it.
They were always like 'the band next door' to me.
Their environmental plan for the tour makes a hell of a lot of sense... Why don't all bands do that, or a least do more to make their tours 'greener'?
Oh and I love it when they talk tech about how we all can purchase music and spread the joy guilt free... Me? I always buy the music I love.
I was thinking of making you a mix CD but I think I ran out of times I can copy it...

Does this look like Steve is asking George for tea?
I think it's the quality or lack there of of my photographic ability

I think George is saying you can get a drink over there...
I am tempted to drink what he is drinking because that man has energy to spare.
He never tires of talking to the audience in the 90 minutes or more we were there...

We played both the Thursday audience and the Sunday audience... I think we did a fair job.

There was an audience member that stood out. His name is Jose. He asked George a lot of good questions. He told George of his plans to go protest in DC about the war. That gave George an opening to tell him about how to deal with tear gas... I asked Jose later for his name and his plans for his future because I think he is quite a character. He's sharp, has a wicked sense of humour and happens to have a nose ring. He indicated a desire to make it in music or broadcasting or just go with the flow. Good luck in that protest and in those dreams!

There were two Montrealers in the audience I met as we all sat down. A mother and daughter. The daughter flew into Toronto to visit her mother... not Just to come to The Hour.

Now let's talk about Jian. My favourite correspondent on The Hour... not that I am biased or anything...

It's going to be like old times. If you have not already got your newsletter from Jian in your inbox you can sign up on the main page of
It's a very humorous letter. You can hear his voice as you read it.

What I mean by old times is Jian will be back on CBC Radio One with a Music, Arts and Entertainment radio show 2pm and 10pm starting mid March.... aaaaand he will be on The Hour on occasions to chat with George about it all. Like this time last year, when they would talk on Wednesdays about The National Playlist . That was always fun to watch.

When that radio show was cancelled, I wrote a post on my other blog about the National Playlist .

Barbara W.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed last night's show - it seemed lower key somehow, and also enjoyed The Barenaked Ladies int. and Jian. I switched channels at the Pickton news though and found the YouTube video segments too violent !


beerandnews said...

Great show, but could there be any more photos of George on this page?

Overkill much?

Quit pouting. Sheeesh.

hilary m. said...

Liked the show last night.
I enjoyed Jian's segment, but it seems like he's a lot less comfortable on TV, kinda more suck-up-y.

It's interesting though, I've never really thought about Canada having a lack of representation from visible minorities. But it's something that we definitely need to work on.

Barbara said...

Hi Terri,
It's good to switch if you feel uncomfortable watching something.
I think they handled the Pickton thing very well because it was about how the media handles the coverage not the case itself.
I work in the newspaper industry and was very interested in their take on it. It was also a treat to see Tony Burman have his say in front of the camera. He does have a blog as well. Oh yeah, and I guess you could say, he's in charge of the news on Newsworld.

beerandnews... what do you want pictures of? Or should I ask?

Hey Hilary,
Still picking on Jian eh... LOL
I think he just had a lot on his mind as he gears up for a daily 90 minute Music, Arts and Entertainment show of his own... I know he was just all over the country. I don't know where he found time to prep for The Hour... Your right it was an interesting piece.

Anonymous said...

Thursday's show was great - your lucky to have been a part of the audience.

Barbara - since you get to regularly communicate with George, does he ever check out this website? Just wondering what he thinks of "what his fans think". Does he get annoyed by fans emailing him?

Just curious, if you had ever asked. And curious if he appreciates or hates random emails. :)

Barbara said...

Well Anon 11:19pm, I know people from The Hour do read this site on occasion. We are a source of feedback for them. I will write George at one of his many addresses when there is something I want him to check out on this blog.
My observation is...
He does make a lot of effort to read all his email...meanwhile he keeps inviting us to email him more. He never complains about getting too much email. He loves it. Too much spam is his only issue. For those of us who do write him on a regular basis we tend to write to him expecting no direct reply. Sometimes he writes back. Many people will write him about the same topic and he might reply on The Hour or The Strombo Show.
So feel free to write him as often as you want.

Tricia said...

I agree, what a great show!
These are a few of my favourite things...