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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

You are getting sleepy

I am probably the last person in the world who should be writing about music to battle insomnia, because I have quite the opposite problem. In fact, my quibble with CBC Programming in airing The Hour at 11:00pm is quite well known in certain circles. I just can't stay awake that late anymore, and with the alarm going off at 5:45 every morning, that's probably not even advisable.

However, our family had last Friday off work and school in lieu of Remembrance Day, so we had big plans to finally watch The Hour on Thursday night. We loaded up on caffeine, got warmed up with South Park, and then, at 11:00, tuned in to The Hour. We were pretty excited, as it was only the third time we had been able to watch this year and we really do miss having George and company as part of our evening routine.

I should probably confess that I only made it to about 11:45 before passing out on the couch, but ironically, I did catch the chat that George had with a trio of folks in which they discussed their musical choices for combatting insomnia. One of the lucky guests was given a Kathleen Edwards cd, after George recommended her song Hockey Skates, which was an excellent choice by the way.

And while I don't have trouble falling asleep, it did of course get me thinking about music that could lull you to a state of peace. I would tend to stay away from music with a lot of lyrics, as they always send my mind off on tangents, and I would choose something more ambient-sounding, like Porcupine Tree, Hylozoists, or even Joy Division.

But sometimes you want to hear somebody's voice as you are struggling for sleep, to assure you that you are not alone in the dark. And you could certainly do much worse than to listen to the voices of Stuart Murdoch of Belle and Sebastian or Wayne Petti of Cuff the Duke.
Enjoy, and sleep well, my pretties ...
Barbara B


Barbara said...

I was listening to
Muse - Absolution at night.
I would listen to the entire CD and it seems have an 'end of the world theme' running though it. Maybe that explains my depression...
Nothing like a little Moxy Fruvous antidote to lighten the mood.
much better now. ;-)

Some other Albertans have the time zone shifting cable option so they can watch The Hour at the hour of their choosing... just a thought.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I like cds that have a cohesive theme running through them as well, Barbara W. Probably my favourites would be Matt Good's "Beautiful Midnight", Neutral Milk Hotel's "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea", and most recently, the Decemberists' "the Crane Wife".

I don't have that cable option and don't plan to get any more cable than I already have, so.

Toccata said...

The fix is in! I just tried voting again today and it won't take it. I voted last night at like 11:30 that is definitely a day ago!

Hey Barbara sorry to hear you're feeling kind of down. You should try listening to The Decemberists it might perk you up. Maybe, just don't think about the lyrics too much. Listen to the underlying musical orchestration.

Barbara B did you ever write The Hour directly? We should start a campaign. I love the CBC but some of what they do is insane.

Allison said...

Cuff, cuff, cuff the duke! You started that right?

I'm always in need of sleepy music, as I can never fall into a slumber right away. Those are excellent choices!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

And you don't even live in Florida, Toccata! Strange.
I haven't launched a full-blown initiative on getting the schedule changed, no, as I'm still recuperating from the last consumer battle.

I believe I probably stole it from someone else, Allison, but I have been known to use that battle cry.
I fall asleep before I even get to bed, which is why it takes me about 100 years to finish a book now.

Anonymous said...

i need music to keep me up. seriously, i am the easiet person when it comes to sleeping.


Green Tea - Iced Tea said...

Wendy Mesley looked fabulous, that hairdo looked cute on her.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I think it could be quite a contest betwixt the two of us, Tammy. I fall asleep as soon as I stop moving.

Was Wendy Mesley on that piece, GT-IT? I must have drifted off while she was on.

Barbara said...

Wendy Mesley has gone through chemo as you know and seeing her hair looking all nice gives hope to people going through cancer treatments.
She did a story on a young neighbour of mine who went through cancer treatments years back, then she did a follow up story on Charlene when she passed from the cancer. I don't know too many journalists who get so involved with the people in their story. Charlene was a very special person and I think her and Wendy became friends. Of course I might be remembering the story wrong.
I will check the facts but I will stick with that version right now.

Allan said...

I have to ask ... why no VCR?
All the episodes of The Hour have had some interesting bits, so you're missing stuff by not seeing every show.
And too, the full show is posted for viewing at CBC/THE HOUR.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

hahaha, i, of course, love the mention of the programming issue!

Toccata said...

Hey, your post made it onto The Hour's sidebar! So, maybe they will listen even without a direct confrontation.

I am so not tired and so not sleepy all at the same time! Think I'll listen to The Fray. They certainly have a cohesive theme; every song sounds like a derivation of the last. I should be asleep by song no. 3.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm really looking forward to Wendy Mesley's new program Underdogs, Barbara W. I've been hearing a lot of really positive chatter about it, and the layout of the program, where the complainants actually confront the CEOs of the accused companies in person sounds quite compelling.

I won't bore you with the excruciating details, Allan, but I have tried taping The Hour and for a number of reasons, it just doesn't pan out. While I do watch video clips on the computer, I have a hard time watching the entire program via a one inch square on my computer screen. And I miss the interaction of the whole family debating the show from the couch.

I was thinking of you when I mentioned the scheduling question, 668, as it airs at an even worse time for you.

I noticed we made the blogtracker, Toccata! (must be a slow news day)
I'll have to check out the Fray - thanks. I love albums with good flow, and if it can put you to sleep by song 3, so much the better.