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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Good Answer

I don’t know if you have ever been to a place outside the space time continuum called MySpace. I only ventured into that strange territory to do research for the blog at first. Now I go for fun and research. If I blogged about Fine Art I would venture into museums and libraries…
Sure research on topics The Hour covers could bring me to a library for the latest book they get me interested in, but more often than not, it brings me to youtube or MySpace.

I was chatting with Dee (Diane) of Rock 94 in Thunder Bay on MySpace the other day, I asked her a question and she sent me such a great answer I had to share it. It's written as it is would be spoken with a flow only a fast talking rock DJ can do.

I have talked to a lot of George's fans this way, and I know that many of them are inspired by George to pursue careers in media. What do you think about his influence on his fans?

As far as the influence George has on his fans.... I think he's at an age where he can relate quite easily between the young and older fans. My mom loves the show, my younger cousin who is 15 even watches it with me. It really doesn't matter who he has on the show that sparks my interest, it's more about how George takes that person, topic, or whatever, and relates it to society, or to how people are thinking right now. His ability to tap into the heads of his viewers is what makes me stick around for the whole show.

Also since we do live in such a fast paced society these days, I think he gets young people listening to him not just to blab his own opinion, and force feeds us his own side....He let's us think about topics like war, poverty, politics by giving us the critical information (and I love it when he teaches the viewers at the same time...not always assuming we know what or who he is talking about) ‘cause let's face it...we're kind of a dumb society when it comes to politics and the issues surrounding the war. I know young people that live in Spain and Germany etc...and they always talk with their friends over coffee about the goings on in the world...where as unfortunately a lot of us in Canada sit around talking about the latest episode of Family Guy....or Trailer Park Boys..or whatever. So George, in his lightening fast speed-talking ways shows us that it's "cool" to be interested in world topics. I hate to use this but "Curious George" he is...and his daily interest in these topics and exceptional interviewing skills...he gets a different spin out of his guest which I really like. It was definitely time Canada had a host like him on TV....I mean I like that show Sunday Encore...but it's a little dry and for an A.D.D. person like me, his show is super great! hahaha

Dee {- Thunder Bay *Mark and Dee - Mornings 6am - 10am*}

by Barbara W.
Than you for your vote s!


NBjorndal said...

I am a new George watcher...and its taken me a year to warm up to watching I only have one TV channel (by choice - personal media ban on since 1992) - I am 40 yoa and I like "The Hour" simply because:
well: to me, George is Canada's version of Oprah Winfrey...only in a male, yang, testoroney, sorta way.....

I don't stay up that late, but I do "watch" his show the next morning on line....

gotta love technology....
I guess my media ban is over?

Barbara said...

nbjorndal thank you for being a new George watcher. Welcome back to the medium and enjoy the message delivered by a 'testoroney' Canadian with a lot of yang. I have to say it's a show I go out of my way to catch.