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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Global warming, greenhouse gases and David Suzuki

Have you watched Suzuki’s interview on The Hour on Thursday night? I’m always looking forward those interviews, so here’s what they talked about, well sort of… anyways.

You might have heard about the Stern report, stating that if we don’t cut our greenhouse gas emissions, the world economy will get into trouble (think about the Great depression of the 20’s, we don’t really want that to happen)… but it’s not only about the economy, the Arctic is melting (which isn’t a good thing, but even more, we don’t want Greenland to be melting, that would be much worst), the global average temperature is rising (and some parts of the world are going to be more affected than others)… And the Kyoto accord states that we have to reduce our greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions by 6% of what it was in 1990… so it means by about 25% of what they are today… think about it, what could you do to reduce your greenhouse gases by 25%? And by greenhouse gases we don’t only mean carbon dioxide, we are talking about NOx (nitrous oxide), methane… what could you do? Are you ready to change your lifestyle? Do you want to try to change the way you are living, to try to cut down your CO2 emissions? What are you ready to do? (I know, that it wasn’t discussed during the interview, but still).

Right now, the Conservatives want to regulate the smog level by 2010 and cut GHG emissions in half by 2050… who is going to be our Prime Minister in 2050?… I’m pretty sure that it won’t be Mr. Harper… so, really, are they going to try to do something, or are the Conservatives are going to let the next party take care of the environment? But, Harper has to say something about the environment, because if he doesn’t the public won’t be happy… and if the public isn’t happy, he might now win the next election. So it means that if you guys want something to happen, we have to let the government know, we have to be clear about it, otherwise they’ll do nothing (and politicians seem to like to be doing nothing).

Look at what is going on in Australia : They don’t have enough water, they need more water, the PM, Howard, doesn’t admit that global warming is happening… but then, droughts (oh, oh, big problem, what can we do?)… so maybe that Global warming might sort of maybe I think happen, he doesn’t really want to admit it… so, because global warming is affecting them, they might start to think that they have to do something to stop it.

And what’s wrong with having a made in Canada plan? Of course it will be a made in Canada plan, the only things that Kyoto says : Cut down greenhouse gas emissions… it doesn’t say how, so as Canadians, we will have to find a way to cut down those emissions… because Canada isn’t a green country at all, we emit 2% of the world’s emissions but we only represent 0.5% of the world’s population… so the little problem over there? We have to be more energy efficient, we have to use less energy, to use alternative ways.

Here’s one thing that we have to think about… what kind of world are we going to leave to the next generations, a screwed up Earth? An Earth that is going to get healthier? Think about your kid, thing about the little boy you saw on your way to work today, what kind of world is he going to live in?


She's Crafty said...

What is going to be left for us to deal with in this lifetime? If there are no fish left in the oceans, what does that mean for the rest of life on this planet?
Not looking good at all...who is going to fix this and how?? Has there ever been a politician that was good at problem solving or is talking way too much about nothing the only skill requirement for government?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

The government has been so slow to even acknowledge that there is a problem and now the measures that are being proposed are so inadequate.

Thanks for reminding us that we all need to take this seriously and demand action.

Barbara said...

I drive my car less. I take the subway more and more.
Toronto is very into recycling more so than Montreal for example. I think other cities should follow that lead.
We the people can only do so much. A government that cares about the environment can do much more.

loring said...

I live in Vancouver so public transit is great. You can get anywhere. Really, there is no real reason for anyone that lives in Vancouver proper to have a car. But people love their cars. The only downsides to public transit is that it never runs late enough at night, and on rainy days it smells like wet dog. Other than that, it's all good.

Evelyne said...

Sarah, I guess that too many politicians talk too much and that they hardly do something about climate change... but there are things that can be done!

Right Barbara B, the government is too slow to react, they barely admit that climate change is happening... but we have to understand that we can do something without the help of the government.

Barbara W, i guess that the government could give us more tools to act on climate change, but we have to so as much as we can! and driving less is a really good way to start.

Right Loring, people love their car... and public transit isnt't as bad as many people think it is, but you are right rainy days and public transit = weird smell!

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Mal said...

4 months ago I gave birth to a beautiful little girl. Now that I have had her I have been definatly thinking more along the lines of the future and what my baby is going to have to deal with. We need to do something now or her generation is basically screwed. The major thing is that we may have to suck it up and go back to the old ways. Yeah it is hard work and all but its either that or a planet that is unable to be lived on. I just wish myself knew more of how to get involved in fixing the problem and making our government face that facts and get Canada on the right track. If we as the people can see it and know it needs to change we need someone to lead us there. But the way it is now is nobody is taking the initiative we are all just sitting around and still doing nothing. And when I look 50 years down the road and think of my baby and possibly by then her babies I dont want them to have to suffer for there past generations mistakes.

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