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Friday, October 20, 2006

We are not George!

We are not George. We are not even paid by The Hour.
I am not sure why people have been e-mailing this blog with letters to George. We only ask for email from people who have ideas to post. Guest contributors. You can also feel free to write us if you just want to say how much you like or don't like the blog... :-) we may reserve the right to post that too.
I am sure you don't want us to post (put up on the blog) the personal letters to George, do you?
I don't even know if he reads this blog. I don't see how he even has time to read all the email he gets. His blackberry is always going off though, so he is aware you are trying to contact him.
Here are the addresses again (for the Sunday nights radio show), (his own websites email) and you can go to The Hour at and contact him there. Or his myspace shortcut is on the sidebar and you can contact him there.
Copy those addresses, paste them in your address book!
Contact him yourself directly. We are not the way, I'm not your mother and I am not Georges mother. She is sweet though. :-)


Becky said...

Thanks Barbara :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hey George,
I just wanted to contact you to let you know that ...

jk - Thanks Barbara W. This should help direct those people who are lost in the wilderness.

hilary m. said...

Oh darn guys.
I was commenting all that time in hope George was reading.

JK 2!!

But thanks for clarifying it for the others out there.

Barbara said...

Ironic thing is. I was trying to contact him to ask him what he wants me to do with the emails for him. Still waiting for an answer.
Every question deserves an answer... Who came up with that one?

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

barbara- your myspace comment made me laugh.

Barbara said...

Thanks 668! I do try to be a smartass sometimes and it's not always encouraged.

loring said...

i don't get it. isn't the web address i know they tell you not to believe everything you read, but...

Deb said...

Who's George? (JJ of course)

Could you ask Josh Groban if he'd like to come over for tea please? Just asking.