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Sunday, October 22, 2006

This here is George (from his myspace bulletin)

This bulletin is copied and pasted with only a few minor alterations. It's done without permission from the author (but he can call me if he has a problem with it.)

The Strombo Show is back LIVE tonight (Sunday).

What's happening?
The Radio show is going on between 9-11pm ET.
It's two hours of shooting the shit about your lives and our lives.
Call us and get in on it. 1-866-866-7387.
We're here to talk about feelings... (ok, maybe not, but maybe...) the world, politics, music and movies.
Plus we're offering free advice. (Basically we're just trying to save you from Dr. Phil :-)
Listen, call, write to , post on myspace... or do whatever you like... I'll support ya ;-)
And remember... we're trying to find listeners all over the world... do you know anybody in North Korea, Cuba, China or any/everywhere else...?
Let's get them on board...
Here are the details...Listen online - Toronto - CFRB 1010 AM Montreal - CJAD 800 AM




Barbara said...

I can't believe I just gave Bob a card reading via email live on radio... because that is what radio is all about...
Thanks for reading that for him George.
That was fun and better than talking about chicken on pizza.

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