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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Hip @ The Hour

Is this technically live blogging?

Okay, so I'm watching the second show of the new season at this moment, and George has just finished talking about The Tragically Hip's upcoming appearance on the show to promote their new album World Container, on October 15th. Personally, I'm stoked for the album and I can't wait to see them perform on The Hour, but to make the deal even better, George and those at The Hour have passed out the invite to get tickets to the show to see The Hip's performance.

If I lived in Toronto or in any surrounding area, I would be jumping all over this. The Hip are an incredible Canadian band who could not get any better in a live venue, and I want to help make it possible for you to see them at The Hour, since I cannot.

However, there's one problem. George has made it a little harder to land these tickets, demanding you answer a question about The Tragically Hip first. The question? Name one hockey player other than Bill Barilko (who is more than just mentioned in "Fifty Mission Cap") that The Hip have sung about. I instantly knew the answer, and George helped a little bit by singing a small verse from the song with the answer in it.

The song?


And because I am such a wonderfully helpful person, take a listen to the song yourself! And if you're in the Toronto area and can make the show on Sunday, October 15th, contact The Hour to enter the contest HERE, with the answer to the skill testing question.

If not, just enjoy the song, it's great!

- Alana

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668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

but you can win a flight out!

Barbara said...

Alana you can win the flight with tickets and I can win the Toronto tickets... good luck to us and all who enter. Good thing the CBC does not pay us or we would be ineligible to enter.

Alana said...

Yeah, but unfortunately I couldn't win the time off work, you know? I couldn't pull it off. I just hope one of you can win the tickets so that I can see lots of pictures and live vicariously through you! :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Nicely done, Alana! Way to share the wealth. Win those tickets with a flight and I will convince your boss to give you the time off (because you know I will or die trying).

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

oh thanks for the tip by the way. i'm not a hip fan so i would have had problems. although the answer is my favourite hockey player of all time.

that sucks you can't enter. you work weekends?

Alana said...

I wish, BarbB, honestly! Technically we're not allowed to take any holidays during the months of October-December, I was barely allowed to book a day off for a hospital trip next week. Apparently it gets pretty crazy around this time, but I haven't been witness to too much craziness so far. *shrugs* As long as someone I know/know of wins and I can see pictures, I won't lose TOO much of my sanity.

You're very welcome, 668. :) I'm glad I could help. I don't necessarily work weekends, it's shift work, and I though I don't work on the 15th, I work on the 14th AND the 16th, so there's no way I could fly back and forth to Toronto from Winnipeg and still have time to see the Hip's performance and so on. It sucks, but that's life, right? Work comes first and yadda yadda yadda. *rolls eyes* :P

Deb said...

I'm running across country NOW. I'D FRICKIN' LOVE TO BE THERE. I've seen The Hip a kazillion times and that's one time not enough yet.

I squished to the front of the crowd (right up to front row, center) at UBC Thunderbird Stadium once and almost died - security pulled me out over the barricade as I was literally being squashed to death. But I wanted to stay where I was....I worked hard to get there, damn it!.

I love that song (Fireworks). I would've so gotten that instantly, like you Scribs...I love every Hip song. Funny thing, that friend I posted about who drank out of her travel mug HATED The Hip, so we couldn't be friends anyhow. My absolute favorite is Nautical Disaster but there are 300 more close behind it. The first song I ever heard (and was blown away by) was Blow At High Dough...still love that driving beat to this day. It's on my workout tape and makes me go kind of psycho.

So that's my Hip story.

Oh and I FINALLY WATCHED THE HOUR. So I can officially be here without feeling guilty.

Sorry, another lpbd (longpostbydeb)


Deb said...

(Barbara can do it, too, ya know)

Alana said...

LOL, Debz! I can't believe you called me Scribs, it's been so long!

I haven't seen the Hip nearly as many times as you have, but I agree, there's always room for one more show, it's never the same performance. :)

Nautical Disaster used to be one of my favourites too, but given my recent situation...I listened to it the other day and almost bawled, lol. It's still an excellent song though. I don't know which song is my favourite, I don't know if I could pinpoint just one. All I know is their new song "In View", I could listen to that a million times over, it's awesome!

And YAY for you watching The Hour! What did you think of it? Give me the scoop, Debz!