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Friday, October 27, 2006

Coming up, thanks to the CBC

on CBC-TV: Upcoming Guests* Oct. 30 - Nov. 2

Josh Groban
Lewis Lapham
Kardinal Official

Fear Special: George Stroumboulopoulos takes the Fear Doctor down a dark
alley to find out how pervasive fear is in our lives

Jared Leto
Rick Hansen

David Suziki
Olympia Dukakis

*Guests subject to change

THE HOUR broadcasts on CBC Television at 11:00 p.m. on CBC Television
and 8:00 p.m. ET on CBC Newsworld.

For more information on THE HOUR, visit


I would like to share a letter addressed to us but it goes to all fans of The Hour, George S., and all the fans of CBC.

Dear Stromboulopouli,
I am contacting those of you who I could find contact info for and hoping
that you'll spread the word. I don't know if you are just George fans or CBC fans in general,
but if you are willing I could use your assistance.
From what I understand the Hour last Sunday got only 69 thousand viewers
for the Tragically Hip show. I can only assume that this means people
didn't know it was on. If I announced right now that there was a free Hip
show in downtown Toronto tonight, it's a safe bet it would draw 69 thousand people.
Anyway, being a sometimes CBC employee who doesn't work there right now I am free to do as I please without checking with managers or having to
answer to anyone so I have started a friends of the CBC myspace, a CBC google group , Created a web button that people can use
on their web sites have a little 'we love the CBC' petition thing going etc., all in the hope of getting the word out about, and generating interest in things CBC through other than official channels.

If any of you would like to participate in, help with or help get the word
out about any of this it would be greatly appreciated. Oh, in case you
don't know, I'm also the one who does


I would like to reply to Justin as a fan of the CBC and a stroumboulopouli, I am very happy to support the CBC. I am now proud to be a 'friend' of the CBC on myspace.
But I am curious about the ratings quoted. I would like to know if the ratings are added up by how many watch the show on CBC Newsworld (that time varies by timezone), plus on CBC main at 11 and do they count the thousands who watch the show online... It's on what.... 3 times a night plus anytime you want online... are they counting all of that?
No, I don't think so.
I was confronted by a 'pro-con' on insidethecbc who said The Hours ratings 'can't get any lower'.
I am curious where people are getting the numbers and what do the numbers represent...
Barbara W.


Toccata said...

I read what the numbers were for the week and was surprised how low they were. I think the problem is in the management of CBC. Their programs all started after the main networks at a time when most people already have their viewing habits in place. Personally I don't understand it. I would much rather watch something homegrown than American but unfortunately I seem to be in the minority.

loring said...

I too would rather see homegrown programming, but to be honest... a lot of the stuff isn't interesting to me, and in lots of cases, just plain bad. however, the shows I do watch (the hour, corner gas, the national) I like a lot.

that being said, I think the Hip are overrated and just haven't been relevent for the past decade, I do think it's wierd that the ratings were so low. Even though I don't like the Hip, All my friends do. I think CBC has a problem with their marketing in general.

Barbara said...

I watched The Tragically Hip on CBC Newsworld at 8pm, the numbers (I think) were from the 11pm broadcast... I am just wondering what it all means.
The CBC is still very relevant in my life as radio, as TV, as a News channel, and as a network of websites. Maybe because I don't have a TV in my room my viewing habits have channeled themselves to the Internet more and more. The CBC could channel the commercial aspect there I guess (glad they haven't so far)(but if they need the money..:)

I watched The Hip but it did kinda sound like their old stuff recycled... The interview was interesting though.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the ratings: the Nielson ratings are available to all CBC employees over the intranet. The numbers would probably be for the main time slot (11) and wouldn't include Newsworld (Newsworld's numbers aren't advertised as such). It also wouldn't include online viewers.

But to include those numbers would also be kind of misleading, the programs we would be comparing it with would be measured in that time slot, on that medium.

I'm not sure about Sundays, but in the 11 o'clock slot CTV News normally does a little under a million viewers.

In any case, 70 000 is pretty depressing for an event like that. Awareness might have been a factor - it seems illogical that it didn't draw more.

I'm happy about the show though. It's great that we have a venue for Canadian icons such as the Tragically Hip to debut material. One of the things we lack in our media is a proper place to nurse our pop-culture, which is partly why it's so overwhelmed by things south of us. In my opinion, at least.

I'd be happy if they did more shows like it, if they did shows like it every Sunday.

The best-of is kind of lame and it's so nice to see non-Rita McNeil Canadian musicians getting that kind of attention.

rockin-toccata said...

I read an article yesterday that said The Hour had the highest ratings on Newsworld last year. So maybe things aren't as dire as we thought.

TMcG said...

I would suggest that in the future for shows like this, there be much more interaction with The Hour community - ideas like cross-Canada viewing parties at bars or campuses where viewers can also get involved with the show.

I commend The Hour for having a Blog for speaking with it's fans but it truly does need to have a more national approach to the way in which it relates to its audience. This will help to guarantee it isn't just another TV show on the dial.

Barbara said...

Thanks for the inside info into ratings from the source Anon. You answered my questions and I am grateful.
Geomusic I think my choice is to watch The Hour on Newsworld first and only if I missed it would I stay up to watch it at 11. It's great to have that option.
I don't think it's Newsworld that is having the ratings issues but maybe with the shows timechanges they might be.

Tmcg that is what got me involved with The Hour last year. The live aspect and emailing in while the show was on was a big draw. When The Hour went on the road and did two live shows in Montreal and I got to talk to George and to David (one of the producers) and find out more about how The Hour got started, I was hooked. It was blogging about my new favourite show that started friendships with other viewers and the website producer (Jeremy) that started off this blog.
If you compare our small community of fans and bloggers to The Anderson Cooper (CNN) community for example we look tiny in comparison but we have a greater connection to George and The Hour and The CBC God love 'em. Don't you just love this Country because population wise, it is so small and we can do that in a personal way. Well that's not the only reason I love this country...
Canada does need The Hour to showcase Canadian talent,Canadian news, world talent and world news and talk about issues that concern us all. Nobody else does the bio, or the background or the mile a minute like The Hour does.
The broader the support the better. There is room for more Hour viewing parties that's for sure. More room for more blogs and more websites and more invitations to classrooms to view The Hour. Great ideas tmcg!
One fan just told me her class is going on a field trip to see The Hour live in studio Nov 7th. Now that has to be an interesting class. :-)
I keep telling them (The Hour) they have to go on the road again this year...
George just did a talk at a Career show in Calgary and charmed the audience like nobody else can.
I know I just heard the feedback from a number of sources!
If that makes your job harder George I am sorry, but I am asking more of you, and of The Hour crew, for the fans.
I am not asking for myself I can see The Hour in Toronto anytime. One issue is with the west right now due to the change in broadcast time from last season to this one. They need a little one on one. Well who doesn't?
I think I have said enough for now.

Anonymous said...

no worries Barbara, you said everything that i was planning on pointing out anyways, good on you!!!

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