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Monday, September 17, 2012

Rick Mercer on "muzzled" politicians

The George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight show kicks off its new season tonight at 7pm prime time!
As the Rick Mercer Report prepares for its 10th season, Rick Mercer talks about what it's like to have a "mutually parasitic relationship" with politicians, and explains why he doesn't have them on his show as much as he used to.


E.M. Grant said...

Really enjoyed that comment :)

I liked the fact that Canada's talk show was filled with Cancon, seems appropriate.

Wanted to shout out though that the Health Minister is Leona Aglukkaq and the Minister of Natural Resources is Joe Oliver.

SOME Canadians pay attention even if the politicians are a little lack luster these days Mr. Mercer ;)

Phyl said...

E.M. thanks for participating and commenting! Nice to see that some Canadians can name the Ministers ;) Rick Mercer is a hoot. Always a great guest on the show.