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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Live Streaming @Strombo

How have you been watching George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight? 

One option is watching it on TV at 7:00 pm and 11:30 pm on your local CBC channel. Another option is to 'live stream' it on  at the top of the hour for each Canadian time zone. I recommend you go to the website and open live stream a few minutes before 6pm or 7pm or 8pm etc depending on what time you want to watch the half hour show that night. If you were out all night and you want to catch the show the next day it's available on the website for your viewing pleasure at any time you want to click on it. For example Jane Goodall was on yesterday and I watched it this morning online. You can watch it on your computer or your phone or anywhere you can comfortably view a website.
How do you want to watch it?

George is making news with his switch to early prime time TV.
Here is an article about George in the National Post written by Scott Stinson.

I like the article but I want to correct a few errors in it. I don't know what George told Scott Stinson about what happened to George's red chair but that was a wolf bite mark not a tigers claw mark. I have heard George tell that story fresh after it happened and a number of times since then. As for Bono being in the red chair...I know George interviewed Bono in a limo but I don't recall Bono being in the red chair for the show.
Feel free to correct me if I am wrong. Having said that, there had been no shortage of famous fannies in that red chair and this season there will be some of your favourites for sure!


MissM said...

The stream is the most awesome thing that ever awesomed! I didn't discover G until 2010, and used to only be able to catch snippets on Youtube and the site. I LOVE being able to stream the show and watch it here in Georgia at the same time as the Canadians are seeing it. ^_^

Bloggerp said...

Hello Miss M in Georgia! Fun that you're enjoying the stream. You can spend a LOT of time searching and watching some of your favorite folks in the red chair. Who are some faves?
Barb, good post with corrections.

E.M. Grant said...


Indeed, you are correct regarding the wolf that bit the red chair, not a tiger clawing it. The wolf was named Cain and I was in-studio that day.

Bono was interviewed before The Hour/ GST in the back of a moving cab.

Perhaps the reporter or G have fuzzy memories ;)

E.M. Grant said...

and yes it was a limo ... ooops ... never watched Much

MissM said...

I'm a big Kids in the Hall Fan (their interview in 2010 foDeath Comes to Town is how I discovered George) so that's probably my fave. Also enjoyed Lionel Richie and Kermit the Frog. I'd love to see Betty White flirt with him!