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Friday, September 21, 2012

Meli's Take ...

on the new feel for Season 9.

Well folks the first week of the season is all wrapped up for George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight and I am wondering what you’re all thinking of the changes so far?

The new set and layout of the studio took me a bit to get used to.  At first I felt it lacked a bit of edge to it with the sleek white backdrop and then found the video display a bit distracting. However, I do love that when the camera is focused on George himself, the back drop is bleu blanc et rouge (Habs reference). Hoping that over time more of “punk G” finds its way back to the set. Please don’t take your “Carlsberg years” too literally ;)

As a viewer I still lament the loss of the “Mile-a-Minute” and now even, “The Debrief” is gone.  I understand the new 7pm time slot follows the news and people are trying to unwind after a long day … but I still think there’s room for a quick, "George’s take on the news of the day" segment. May I formally suggest/request to the powers that be at CBC that it returns at some point, perhaps when you go back to making the show an hour?!

The Panel … Wasn’t a fan of this new segment, the first couple of episodes.  For me, it doesn’t really work.  It is a comedy segment; I get that, but too short and not really giving us any beneficial information, when the show is known for its depth and not just light-hearted humour. It feels like it’s trying too hard at times.  After seeing it taped in-studio, I would personally love to see Fridays go from being “Best ofs” to The Panel episode.  Eventually as funding improves again and GST, hopefully, returns to an hour long format Fridays could be music/comedy nights.  What an excellent way for George and the show to bring us into the weekend!

The Panel

I think the first week of guests had a nice well-rounded appeal with cancon, CBC Personalities, celebs, and of course the amazing Jane Goodall.  Jane, David Suzuki and James Appurathai are my all time fave guests and I am hoping the show keeps this type of guest in the forefront.  I sincerely look forward to some of the conversations that I know are coming up this season.  One thing hasn’t changed … George is still brilliant at the art of conversation.  J


MissM said...

I completely agree. I'm so happy to see the show back on the air in any capacity, but I really miss the first 10 minutes of George being George, sharing knowledge and information. His take on the news and his commentary and individuality is what kept me watching a show in another country. I can see those guests on any inane late night show here in the U.S. Maybe because it is early in the season, but I feel like he's muted and -yes thank you for mentioning 'Punk G' because I feel like that's what's missing. Not that I don't love his awesome socks and funky shoes, but I really miss jeans, sneakers and soul patch G.

I also agree on the panel. It would be great for a week ender, especially if they tied it in with the week's news/guests. Everyday is just too much. I love Colin Mochrie, but the two regulars are really just over the top. After two episodes, I tuned out after the guest interview.

I feel like George is WAY MORE INTELLIGENT than this show is letting him be right now and I hope he doesn't get bored with it and move on. Or if he does, that it'll be a venue where those who want to follow him can do so.

Unknown said...

The show reminds me of a reverse Chelsea Lately, if you've seen that program, except with better guests in the red chair and a rotating crew in the panel segments.

In the two episodes I did see, I was trying to understand what the purpose of the panel was. It wasn't like the news items of the day were being discussed with a comedic spin. They were just talking about random things. I don't know if I can take having the same two comedians in the first two chairs and they should have a rotating crew there. Also, there will probably be a different vibe with comedians such as Colin Mochrie or Ron James then there would be with authors or other figures like Gretchen Rubin or Stuart Claxton in the third chair. I miss things like "Something you might not know about Canada".

Also, now that they've changed formats yet again, who bets that this year's Best of shows will only feature interviews from this season. They've done that in past years where there has been a major format change! :)

Barbara said...

Well I hope there will be an occasional return of those other Favourite features like Best Story Ever, Defining Moment, Something you Might not know, George's rant, best joke ever... I love comedy but I don't think the panel needs to be on every day. Just my opinion.

Phyl said...

I have to trust that the producers of the show, George included, chose the new format with a lot of consideration. I too miss some of the old segments and the 'clubby' rock and roll feel to the set. My initial instinct was that I liked it - it was fresh and crisp and a little different - like fall is supposed to feel. Part of me was all 'Where's the debrief!? Where's the Best Story Ever!?' Like most things in life, they evolve, they grow up, and George is the consumate morpher. I like seeing the way he and his career arc. They were given prime time and so I assume they have to lighten the look and feel a bit given the time and potential new audience. At their core, the interviews were solid and intimate and that's the crux of the show for me. The rest can change from season to season. The set is visually pleasing to the eye and their audio seems tighter. I like George's off-the-cuff comments during the panel bit. He seems to genuinely laugh and be enjoying the exchanges. He's so quick-witted so I think I may actually prefer his comebacks to scripted material. It takes getting used to, but a wholehearted thumbs up from me :)