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Sunday, October 24, 2010

This week in Strombo (Oct 24-29)

The Strombo Show can be heard every Sunday night on  CBC Radio 2 from 8 pm 'til Midnight. 
On the Strombo Show Bob M Jr and George are talking best lyricists and Rich Terfry brings in tune from his tour. George continues the 80's dance party. Dance in your seat or stand up and dance, enjoy the show any way you feel comfortable.

 This week on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight

Monday Oct 25
The newly elected Calgary Mayor, Naheed Nenshi
And George talks to Canada's own stand up comic, actor, writer  Jeremy Hotz 
Here is a taste of his humour from a Just For Laughs clip

Tuesday Oct 26
Battle of the Blades eliminated pair whoever it may be, talk to George about the experience. 

The most successful stand up comic from Brampton and now Author
Russell Peters

Wednesday Oct 27
Millionaire, CEO, author and star of Sharktank and Dragons' Den
Thursday Oct 28
John Leguizamo 
This is clip of the actor when he was on The Hour the last time

Friday Oct 29
Filmmaker and Author John Waters

British Pop band The xx

Have a Happy Halloween!
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Anonymous said...

can someone tell me why johhn lequizamo was such an asshole to george the first time and why george would allow that jerk back on his show ?

Barbara said...

That's the challenge.

Anonymous said...

where can i find the playlist for the last few Strombo Shows radio...

Anonymous said...

well john leguzamo is a jerkkkkkkkk and he was mean to george for no reason i hate him

Barbara said...

The Playlist is coming soon on the's site.
A friend used to do them here But said they would do them. They say 'Coming soon'.

Anonymous said...

Merci, Barbara!

Barbara said...

Watch the Leguizamo interview tonight to compare them... Really well done!

escalante blogger said...

wow! I love those sports cars.