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Sunday, October 03, 2010

A 'bonus' show this week!

Greeting and salutations readers! This is my first post since the start of the new season. How are you enjoying the new George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight? I quite like the look of the show and have found the interviews to be very well done. My favourites thus far have been the 'pairs'...Martin Sheen & Emilio Estevez, as well as Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed. I'm looking forward to see how the rest of the season unfolds.

This is a special week for George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight viewers, as we will be getting an EXTRA show tonight (Sunday), immediately following Battle of the Blades!

Sunday, October 3rd

Edward Norton Pictures, Images and Photos

Star of the soon to be released film Stone, actor Edward Norton.

Jeremy Roenick Pictures, Images and Photos

American born Jeremy Roenick has had quite an impressive career in a sport typically dominated by Canadians! As an eighteen year NHL veteran, Boston native Roenick played for several teams including the Chicago Blackhawks and the San Jose Sharks. He is only one of three US born players to have scored over 500 goals in the NHL. Since retiring, and in addition to his charity work, Roenick has taken a stab at broadcasting and now has a new gig as a judge on the the hugely popular CBC's Battle of the Blades.

Monday, October 4th

Deepak Chopra Pictures, Images and Photos

Time Magazine refers to author him as the "poet-prophet of alternative medicine". While our lives are complex and often chaotic, his message is simple:
"A life of purpose reveals the purpose of life". -Deepak Chopra

Tuesday, October 5th

Dion Phaneuf Pictures, Images and Photos

No, your eyes are not fooling you! That IS a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey and as you can see, it belongs to Captain Dion Phaneuf. It's true...a Leafer will be on with die hard Habs fan George! In keeping with the theme of this day, here's a joke: Q: What does Toronto have that Montreal doesn't? A: Black and white photos of their past Stanley Cup. (Bwahahaha).

Wednesday, October 6th

jl Pictures, Images and Photos

Musician John Legend.

Thursday, October 7th

Sam Rockwell Pictures, Images and Photos

Actor Sam Rockwell.

Friday, October 8th

Jackson Rathbone as Jasper Pictures, Images and Photos

Twilight saga's Jasper!!! Better known as actor Jackson Rathbone!

Tokyo Police Club Pictures, Images and Photos

A musical performance by Newmarket, ON natives Tokyo Police Club.

Coming up this week on The Strombo Show from producer Darby Wheeler:
"Bob's back with the ultimate road song mixtape - Kary Osmond gives us some tips on rookie Thanksgiving chefs, album side from a folk legend". Find your frequency here.


escalante blogger said...

I love the Twilight movie. I am waiting for another show like that kinda movie.

Trudy said...

I love the new show! I like the quotes at the start, and the debrief. Yeah, I would like it to be longer since the interview kind of ends abruptly, but I do not miss the "filler" segments.

Anonymous said...

enjoy it while it lasts, it'll be canceled by christmas

Barbara said...

Anon 9:38 pm is wrong.