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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Directors, Divas and more... Oh My!

Not sure if it was just me, but last week's 'Short' workweek felt anything but. Buoyed by turkey leftovers, we press on the best we can. On a positive note, if you have to be in your car for any length of tine - the Fall colours are remarkable. We are lucky to be in Canada where we actually have seasons don't you think?

So, on a nice Fall Sunday evening perhaps you're looking for something to do? If you're in a listening mood - head on over to CBC Radio 2 for The Strombo Show from 8-Midnight.

And... back on the tube on the wordy "George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight"

Monday, October 18th

Tom Green

Yes kids, Freddy Got Fingered. An innovator of online broadcasting, Tom Green simply flips a switch and he can broadcast live from his living room. He's giving standup a whirl again. Is he a genius or merely a doof or both at once... the jury is out on this one.

Tuesday October 19th

Battle of the Blades Eliminated Pair

Who will be eliminated this week from Battle of the Blades? Since I haven't been watching and don't even know who's competing, this will ALL be news to me. Just keep Kurt Browning away from the leaf blower or he'll set crap on fire. Fact!

Juliette Lewis

Edgy actress, singer and questionable driver, Juliette Lewis makes a return visit to the red chair. She is a rare performer that has enough talent to effectively pull off a second career - her music has power and real musicality that comes across really well in live performance.

Wednesday, October 20th

Clint Eastwood
What can you say? Quite looking forward to this one. Rugged, quietly powerful actor and accomplished director Clint Eastwood is a legend. I hear this one was filmed in New York City. Questions I'd like to hear? 'How many drunk dudes have come up to you and said Make my day?' and on that same line of questioning...'How many of these dudes got their asses handed to them?' I am anxious to see his latest 'The Hereafter'

Thursday October 21st

Jeremy Hotz
Anxiety ridden, sarcastic and yes, extremely funny... Jeremy Hotz has been a popular standup for years now. I am sure he'll be rubbing his face throughout this convo. Poor makeup artist will be scrambling!
Friday, October 22nd
Michael McGowan

Acclaimed director McGowan's latest project is 'Score: A Hockey Musical' which had the honour of being the opening film for the Toronto International Film Festival. His previous project, 'One Week' starring Joshua Jackson is a real favourite -- as much for the soundtrack, the spot the musician cameo moments throughout as much as the beautiful story.
Jully Black

Powerful, confident and immensely talented Jully Black will return, This time, for a live performance! She's the best kind of Diva - one who is grateful for her talent and puts it to use everyday.


Philip said...

I had a small question about rescheduling. Might be a bit stupid, but I know that tonight's interview with Juliette Lewis was rescheduled due to the blackout and it was taped at TIFF (Though I think the MIA interview did not happen). Now that Lewis interview is tonight, what happens to Jenny McCarthy's interview that was supposed to be on tonight's episode. Do they just quietly disinvite her or do they tape the extra interview as well as the regular show? Just curious.

Tracy said...

In the advance notice that we received there was no mention of a Jenny McCarthy appearance. For sure, on occasion and due to scheduling availability, there may be an extra segment taped for airing at a later time.

If McCarthy was to be interviewed and was cancelled, this isn't exactly bad news in my opinion. Possibly my least favourite 'Hour' guest ever.

Trudy said...

That Juliette Lewis interview was FANTASTIC.

Phillip said...

Thanks Tracy,

Just wanted to make sure. Not that I was really looking forward to it. Just that about a week ago, they had Jenny McCarthy listed on the CBC listings as originally being on last night's episode. Then they had that blackout at the CBC last Thursday and then Juliette was moved to last night.

I was just using it as an example. I am just curious by how the scheduling works on the show.

Sam said...

I understand why George does it. But I was surprised last night to see the last minute change they made.I had seen on the official site that Jeremy Hotz was supposed to be the guest tonight. But I came home to find out that a certain politician was on instead and Jeremy Hotz was moved to Monday replacing Jim Parsons who I was looking forward to seeing, as I love The Big Bang theory. (I had seen the listings updated on the CBC daily listings the day before)
Happily I know that the guys from the Big Bang Theory were in Toronto a few weeks ago, so Parson's interview was most likely pre-taped so we will still see it later on. I know why George does it but it gets a bit hard to keep track, especially if its for someone I want to see.