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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Triple Ten Thanksgiving - 10/10/10

Happy Thanksgiving!

May your giving of thanks include many positives in your life. And hey, even negatives deserve a thanks...when you have the ability to take something good from it. At times it may seem, as if there are far too many negatives in our life, but understanding the situation & the source can sometimes thrust us into the knowing, the acceptance & the lesson learned. My thanks are far too many to list here & my hope is that it's the same for you. May your Thanksgiving include friends, family, comforts & a hot meal, as not all of us are quite so fortunate.

Sun, Oct. 10
Once your belly is full & contentment follows, why not finish your evening up with George & The Strombo Show on CBC Radio 2

Mon, Oct. 11

Jonathan Safron Foer, a young American author with a recently published vegetarian minded book, 'Eating Animals.

Anthony Bourdain, also an American author, but most recognized as a chef with an opinionated outlook on food & cultures. Who, controversially, considers vegetarianism to be a "First World luxury."

Tues, Oct. 12

Margaret Trudeau has just published her 3rd memoir 'Changing My Mind' which has her reflecting life, through her late-diagnosed mental illness of Bi-Polar, in hopes of helping others.

Eliminated Battle of the Blades Pair....who are you betting on?

Wed, Oct. 13

Paul Anka will also be in town for the following night to perform a concert at Massey Hall. (Perhaps he'll write a theme song for George's newly renamed show!)

Thur, Oct. 14

Juliette Lewis - Having been banged up and sore from a hit-and-run this last Wed, I'm a-wondering if the interview will be from TIFF, or if it'll be a live taping? Regardless, hopefully she's on the mend.

Fri, Oct. 15

M.I.A. - Performer, songwriter, activist, philanthropist...a true individual in today's standards, is kicking off her Fall /\/\/\Y/\ (Maya) tour.

The XX - Performance by the exex.
British Tories had used one of their songs recently, at a political event, by this Indie band without their permission.
(I would consider that to be a 'double cross', wouldn't you?)...groan.


Anonymous said...

Hard to believe it keeps getting worse.

Anonymous said...

Does George even care anymore or is he putting in half the effort with half the time ?

Philip said...

I'm a bit bummed about the blackout at the CBC. I was looking forward to watching the shows these past few nights only to find repeats. I see that Juliette Lewis is rescheduled for Tuesday, so I guess her interview was taped during TIFF but I am curious about MIA. i wonder if she was going to tape her interview on Thursday or did she pretape her interview beforehand? If she wasn't able to tape her interview, I understand but it's too bad. I was looking forward to the interview! :(