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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jonas the tiger found safe!!

Jonas the Tiger and two camels named Shawn and Todd have been found safe and sound 31km from where they had been stolen five days ago.

Jonas who has appear on The Hour with Dave Salmoni had been stolen on June 18th while being transported through Quebec with a couple of Camels in a trailer, have been recovered safe and sound early this morning.

Viewers of The Hour that remember Jonas, the staff at The Hour that met Jonas, and George himself who has had Jonas as a guest twice have been very worried since the news of the theft.

This photo shopped picture may have been posted on The Hour as dark joke but the concern about Jonas behind it was genuine.

We are so very happy this ended well!


Philip said...

I had heard the story adnauseum on the news the past few days but did not realize that the missing tiger was the tiger that had appeared on The Hour! Small world, eh?

Barbara said...

Jonas is a superstar in the tiger world. He will be starring in Life of Pi.