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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A bit late, but What The FIFA!

My apologies to my girls & to our readers....
Totally not on the ball lately; unlike our 'footy' friends in The World Cup!
Nevertheless, as Steph had mentioned last week, CBC is running TWC at all hours, so it's best to check your local programing for when to check in on The Hour.
An FYI for those who appreciate the show's writers, A source tells me that Pete Zedlacher (a writer on The Hour) will be on an episode of Rookie Blue, a new Global show starting this week.
Wondering what George himself, is up to lately? Follow him on his recently reno'd site:, for all things Georgy.

The Hour
this week:

Mon, June 21

Drew Barrymore, Andre Agassi, Jimmy Carter

Tue, June 22

Juliette Lewis, Michael Moore, Peter Sarsgaard

Wed, June 23

Morgan Freeman, David Cross, John Irving

Thur, June 24

Hulk Hogan, Harrison Ford, Terry Gilliam

Fri, June 25

Vivica Fox, Hugh Dillon, Bill Maher

Happy First week of Summer!!!!

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