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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Everything Old is Not New Again- Repeatapalooza!

So Kids... another weekend coming to a close. What did you do for fun? Take in a Movie, go see a band, do some shopping? Riot? Okay, HOPEFULLY you weren't one of the G20 protesters - if so, you owe everyone in the GTA a HUGE f-ing apology. One friend in particular has been trapped in their condo building in close proximity to the sites with fenced in doors, boarded up windows and a furniture free lobby. Yep. And a good time was NOT had by all. Try the veal and please tip your waitress...

So, maybe you want to kick back and listen to some tunes? If so, tune into CBC Radio 2 from 8-Midnight for The Strombo Show'.

Monday June 28th --

No listings are available for the lineup as of Sunday. As the interminable soccer BS keeps on rollin' The Hour may air, it may not.

Tuesday, June 29th

He's talented. Sarcastic and really sweaty. Director Kevin Smith takes to the Red Chair. Good things they're wide. No embarrassment here.
Saiorse Ronan
Up and coming young actress and star of 'The Lovely Bones' -- I loved the book but heard the movie wasn't terrific... any opinions on that?

Roseanne Cash
Singer. Songwriter. Daughter of the Legendary Man in Black himself, Johnny Cash. Roseanne has come into her own. If you get a chance to see her live? Don't miss it. She's inherited talent!

Wednesday June 30th
Mindy CohnOne of the few teen actors that didn't go off the rails- Mindy Cohn - Yes, Natalie from 'The Facts of Life' is still working hard, this time pursuing theatre. Insomniacs like myself can tell you that The Facts of Life airs weekdays @ 5:30am on DejaVu. And yes, Blair is still a bitch.

Dave Stewart
With Solo projects and his amazing work with Annie Lennox in the Eurythmics, Dave Stewart creates sound. Great sounds... For the 35+ set, his music was the soundtrack to a lot of great times.
Lee Daniels
He rode the wave of success that was the emotionally charged powerhouse film that caused a sensation -- Precious -- all the way to the Oscars. Here he is with one of his stars, Mariah Carey. Lee Daniels, for getting Mariah to get all uglified, you should have won many more awards than you did my friend!

July 1st
Stephen King
Horrormeister author Stephen King has had quite a career and life. He sits down for a rare chat with George.
Anika Noni RoseHer star is on the rise... Anika Noni Rose has been a Dreamgirl on Broadway and Princess in 'The Princess and the Frog'.

Shawn Ashmore
The lone Canadian airing on this Canada Day edition has been in X-Men and also in one of the most disturbing films I've personally seen -- 3 Needles. It's shocking and Shawn was very good in it. If you're prone to depression? Skip it.
Friday, July 2nd

Catherine O'Hara
She steals every scene she's ever in... period. SCTV alum. Christopher Guest permanent troupe member and sister to the most excellent Mary Margaret. Catherine is a comedy legend!

Nick Hornby

Brilliant Author, Screenwriter and most importantly - dad. Nick Hornby is creative and writes about music in a way only the most passionate ones can. This interview shows a more personal side to the man. It's a fave, and not just because I was there to see it taped.

Drew Barrymore
After a more than rocky adolescence, Drew is now a focused professional. With her producing partner Nancy Juvonen, she started Flower Films at an age when most kids are figuring out their college major. I finally saw Whip It - the movie she was promoting during this visit. It was really enjoyable and not just because a couple of my friends are Derby Girls.
So... enjoy your week, if you're Canadian wave the flag, have a BBQ and then shake it off in time for work on Friday morning. Though I'm not sure I'll be going. In fact -- I think I'm coming down with a delayed 24 hour flu. 4 day weekend? SWEET!!!!!

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