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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Many years ago the patriotism of our nation was stirred by a rather unlikely source...a beer commercial! Depending upon how old you are, you may well remember the excitement over the "I AM. CANADIAN" advertisement. At the time, "The Rant", as it was also known, conveyed what was in the hearts of Canadians in a way never quite seen before. Suddenly it was cool to be Canadian and we wanted to shout it from the rooftops! As is the nature of advertising, the commercial eventually ran its course and faded away. Once again our patriotism was hushed.
Historically as a nation, we were not known as flag wavers. For Canadians, quiet patriotism was where it was at. Always polite, not necessarily boastful, as citizens (either by birth or immigration) we would sing our anthem and on Canada Day, wave the maple leaf. We were content with this. We sure didn't want to be like our often over-exuberant flag flying neighbours to the south.
But then something changed...

I first noticed it about the same time as Canada's military participation in Afghanistan began. Our soldiers were proud to be serving our country and in return, we were proud of them. Suddenly it was once again cool to fly our flag and not just on July 1st.
But wait, there's more...

With the countdown to the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and the torch relay across our "glorious nation", our pride began to swell. We were now on display for the world to see and we wanted to leave no doubt that we were damn proud to be Canadian! A 'new' patriotism was spawn, not from a beer commercial, but from red mittens embellished with a maple leaf. Those mittens were 'the' hot ticket item for not only Canadians, but international visitors as well. It was like everyone wanted to be like us! And then it happened...the first Olympic gold medal won on Canadian soil, thanks to Alexandre Bilodeau. Suddenly, the floodgates of national pride opened in a way we have never experienced. It was now all about our flag and all about our anthem!!

As Canadians, we cannot let the national pride and emotion expressed during the Olympics simply fade away. We must celebrate us EVERDAY! Especially on Canada Day! Even with the various issues we all face, we are pretty fortunate to be living in the best country on earth!
Prior to the Olympics, Amercian journalist Tom Brokaw prepared an 'informational' snippet about Canada/US was designed to educate Americans about their neighbours to the north. However, I have yet to hear from a Canadian who has watched it and not felt immense pride.


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Anonymous said...

What a nice commentary about the "true north strong and free". Happy Canada Day everyone.