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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The man stays busy

The Hour will start taping again on April 26th. The studio is dark for a week and a half while The Hour continues to get preempted from it's regular air time for the NHL playoffs, but George Stromboulopoulos never rests.
Here are a few highlights of his time off...

April 14th he was throwing out the first pitch at the Blue Jays game.

Here are his tweets: Wearing my George Bell powder blues. Throwing out first pitch.Jays consider it ceremonial I'm thinking of it as a tryout #11
Getting ready to let it rip. Jays and White Sox.

Between watching the Blue Jays and watching The Habs and prepping for The Strombo Show George spent the weekend at Shannonville earning his racing stripes. Or whatever one earns when learning to race motorcycles.

Here are his tweets on that:

In the riders meeting at Shannonville. Working on Race Procedures.

Checking out the front straight at Shannonville. Memorizing the fastest lines.

Besides the concerns about how the Habs are doing against Washington George is concerned about his carbon footprint this "Earth Week".

Another Earth Week site. Check out your carbon footprint. I live like there's 3 planets. Time to change!

April 22 Earth Day

Actress Rachel McAdams is giving me tips to reduce my footprint. Check out her site: #EarthDay

NYC this morning. Halifax this afternoon. Filming scene for a film. Rutger Hauer just rode in on a bicycle. Badass and earth day. #ladyhawke


I did a little research to see what film Rutger Hauer is working on in Halifax and Hobo With a Shotgun fits the bill. It's a film by first time director Jason Eisener.

Hobo With A Shotgun started out as a fake trailer connection to the film Grindhouse.

Not clear what role George may play in this production.

April 24

Strombo should be back in Toronto for the weekend because his team the Chart Attack Hack is having a hockey playoffs game of their own on Saturday night.

Back The Hack!

April 25

Making a fresh Strombo Show for Sunday night.

Then back to work for George and the crew of The Hour on Monday April 26th.

New Shows however, are not scheduled to air until the following Monday. I will post the scheduled best of shows for this coming week this Sunday.

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