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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Not preempts! Fresh shows

This week in Strombo

Sunday night from 8pm until midnight on CBC Radio 2
There is a Strombo Show chat room happening on Skype as the show rolls on through the country. If you have skype just enter Strombo Show Chat. This is a fan run endeavor and your friendly participation is encouraged.
If you want to leave George a song request on Skype you can do that by leaving a voice message at Strombo Show.

*George is in Halifax this weekend so it will be an encore edition of the Strombo Show from mid March.

There is the Stanley Cup Playoffs
then there is....

The Hour
The Hour takes back the airwaves

all new!
Michael Lee Aday aka
Meatloaf is on the menu
and via satellite George Galloway speaks up about being banned by Canada

Comedian Danny Bhoy

Musician K'Naan with FIFA trophy
& Olympic Figure Skater Joannie Rochette

Band Courtyard Hounds (Martie Maguire
& Emily Robison of The Dixie Chicks)
Outspoken Comedian Eddie Izzard,
Actor and musician Meatloaf
and Actress Michelle Forbes


Anonymous said...

So George is out in public walking with a woman. Who cares?

Barbara said...

No Anon. We have standards that don't encourage unsubstantiated gossip.
We have the right to delete comment that are deemed disrespectful. We respect fair comments. We don't do gossip about G's private life. It's rare a comment is deleted. But we have the right to govern this blog space.

Barbara said...

A comment that followed my comment was not respectful to the subjects of that comment by Anoymous 11:57. I deleted it for the same reasons I stated previously.

Anonymous said...

Why can't you show George on a date ? It is the mot interesting thing this blog would have posted in years !

Barbara said...

Anon can feel free to start her own blog.

Anonymous said...

How do you ladies feel writing about George every week and him never taking the time to follow you on Twitter or respond to you even though he will to other random fans ?

Anonymous said...

Is anon 8:57 privvy to people's inboxes? The expression Get a Life comes to mind.

gih said...

That's an exciting show either..

Mayweather said...

Perhaps it would be more excited if we will be there.

Anonymous said...

When did the comments section go all semi-literate? Sad.