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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Hour is going on the road!

The Hour is taping two shows in Vancouver.
May 18th and 19th at 7:00pm.
The tickets are free and you can book them right now on The Hour's website.
The shows will be held in Vancouver's beautiful Convention Centre.

This just in
The Convention Centre venue was not big enough for the ticket demand.
The Hour will be taping in a larger studio at the CBC in Vancouver and can now accommodate the people that are on the waiting list.
*See the website for current availability


voicefax said...


One question. I saw the listings for next week's episodes and I saw they were all repeat episodes. However he is taping that week. Is that because of hockey? Do you know when new episodes will start after this week? I'm confused.

gih said...

Well that sounds good.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that the season is ending early - end of May instead of June 15th ?

Barbara said...

Yes it is because of the Hockey finals. As long as The Hour is not broadcasting at 11pm they will show repeats. He is taping new shows this week and all this month including musical performances. Taping will only continue until the end of May. There will be shows that have not been aired yet to be presented in June and beyond but no new shows will be taped in June.

voicefax said...

Thanks, Barbara

I'm a bit pissed to see repeats after a whole week of new episodes. I thought that they would only pre-empt on certain days of the week and not the entire week like they did last year. What does make me happy is what you said about the fact that even they wil stop taping at the end of May, new shows could air in June. :)

If anyone goes to a taping, I'd be curious to know any details of future guests. :)

Barbara said...

I can tell you Timber Timbre will be musical guests soon... plus a couple of Conservative politicians are supposed to come on the show unless the PM's office cancels them.
When The Hour tapes in Vancouver Billy The Kid Pettinger will perform as a musical guest.

Barbara said...

Oh and Rush,Suzuki,Gord Downie...

voicefax said...

They have just released some names for next week. It looks like Top Stuff. Cannot wait for the Baruchel and Tierney interview. (Since it's the same movie, they are probably going to be interviewed together.) :)