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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Hour then Playoffs

Something special to watch for this week
George Stroumboulopoulos has the great honour this Wednesday of throwing out the first pitch at the Blue Jays game.
Spring is in full swing! Play ball, then watch Hockey playoffs, it's all good!

The Strombo Show can be found ever Sunday night on CBC Radio 2 from 8 to midnight.
You can find The Strombo Show replayed on as you need it in your week.
Enjoy the music!

Life of Pi Author Yann Martel

& Hip Hop Stars Cypress Hill


Activist Jane Goodall

2010 marks the 50th year of Dr. Jane Goodall's research into the behaviour of chimpanzees.

Believe in Comedian Eddie Izzard

In playoff season The Hour may not be found at it's regular time... if you do find it, this is what is scheduled:


Television and stage actress Melissa Gilbert
Singer Joey McIntyre
& Actor Louis Ferreira


Singer Roseanne Cash
Director/Actor, comic book writer... Kevin Smith
& Actress Saoirse Ronan

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
Musician Nickelback
& Singer Engelbert Humperdinck


Trudy said...

How did the pitch go for the Blue Jays opener??

gih said...

Hmm, that's an interesting topic.

Philip said...

I have commented on this before, but it's interesteing watching the original new episodes, then watching the "Best of" shows. This week I couldn't sleep and ended up watching Thursday and Friday's shows and I saw the major editing. I know they don't have a lot of time (and they don't have time for the final commercial break), but some of these interviews are over like that. Done in 5 minutes., especially the last ones.

One that particularly was odd was on Thursday. I knew Kevin Smith's and Saoirse Ronan's interviews were both two parters that had to be edited. They were able to edit Kevin's two parts to one and then they dubbed the "coming up next Saoirse Ronan" tag, but that's because he was all alone.

Then, George interviewed Ronan, spoke to her for a while and then shook her hand and called time. If memory serves, in her second part she was joined by another Actress from that movie, Rose McIver. So, the first part they just went to break, brought in McIver and then at the end shook both their hands. How confusing it must have been for Ronan. She must have been told about what Strombo planned to do beforehand. "For the Main show we'll have McIver with you, but for the Best of, it's only going to be you...." Strange.

I know that they cut out stuff if shows they are dong have finished their run or whatever as all these compilation shows air throughout the summer, but I wonder if in the back of their heads, George and the crew carefully manipulate just how they are going to put together these shows during each taping. (i.e. who's going to appear in the best of's and who will be first and who will be last)

Barbara said...

They often tape two endings so that they can be flexible when it comes to best of shows. The can fit an interview or even part of an interview into more than one best of show ideally.
I thought Georges pitch at the baseball game looked like a curve ball. He got it across the plate for sure. I thought I taped it on my cell phone but I guess I was distracted by watching it take place. It's the baby blue shirt...

Trudy said...

"It's the baby blue shirt..." ;)

I thought there might be some news video regarding the opening online, but, oh well.