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Thursday, July 12, 2007

What's your boyfriend George up to now?

George reports that he had rented a GSXR to get around L.A. and he is enjoying it!

He is working hard in California on other projects and will be leaving L.A. for Montreal in about a week. If you live in, or are visiting Montreal you may spot him at the Just For laugh Festival on the last weekend of the the English shows. Sometime between July 19 to 22 ish.

Tonight, Thursday July 12th you can check George out online on the Tom Green Show, it's at 11pm ET / 8PT on

If you missed the live show you can still watch it by following the Tom Green Link.


Barbara said...

I enjoyed the show... it was interesting... not sure how Tom pulls it off with pro guests like George though...

Miss A said...

Once's interesting to watch the interviewer become the interviewee.

And I had no idea you one could RENT a motorcycle. Interesting.

Barbara said...

Are you thinking of renting a motorcycle now Miss A?

George was doing a bit of interviewing Tom while he was there... it was a very engaged two way interview.

Miss A said...

ME rent a motorcycle? "Holy hospital stay Batman". I don't think so...I can barely manage a bicycle!! :-D I'll stick to a vehicle with four tires, thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I think Tom Green runs his show out of his house - George had mentioned he liked that setting.

I noted the 'b' was omitted from George's name on the page

p.s. like your purple with green links


Barbara said...

I hear george is riding the bike in the Canyons of CA. Nice to hear he's getting some fun in.
A good friend of the blog called into the Tom Green show and she got Tom Green speaking in french...
Sylvie you are brave to call in and it was great seeing you there.
You can view her call about half way through the show.
Thank you Hilary... Maybe George will start doing The Hour from his own livingroom? You think?

Anonymous said...

they had a cozy conversation...i liked'd be fun to see the hour from George's livingroom haha, but i prefer the current setting:)i'm not much willing to change...

sylvie said...

Thanks B. , you know it was 11:30 pm and i decided to give it a try and use Skype for the first time... So i dialed Tom Green show and voila! my face on the screen chatting with Tom and George!!! That was my 15 minutes of fame!!! hihihi!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i am glad i managed to catch sylvie in her 15 minutes of fame. :)