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Friday, March 16, 2007

Mark Wahlberg is coming up on The Hour.

Somewhere is my boxes there is the cable I use to upload my pics from my camera to my computer... So for now no pictures from tonight's taping.
I have to thank Greentea for getting my computer up and running and online so fast and for helping me move.

A taping on a Friday night?

There was a special taping just for one guest.
Mark Wahlberg.

I know you all know who he is and have seen his films... do you all have your opinions of him formed?
I had to catch up. The kind of films he's in are, for the most part, too macho for my taste. I did see Planet of The Apes however... But I can't form an opinion from one film.
So I watched some of his music videos via youtube .. then I said to myself, Not enough info, keep an open mind, and see what he says in an interview.

It's 5:30 on a Friday night and people are lining up to see The Hour.
A large crowd of 90 turned up for the taping. Many of them are CBCers.. I got more compliments in line on my CBC earrings (the ones Karma made)...
I was close to the back of that line but I got a front row seat. Maybe because I was alone... I think it's because I just really looked like I needed a seat up front. ;-)
We were not allowed to take pictures in any case. There were some serious Hollywood stipulations and regulations for this taping. It almost seemed tense. Then George and Mark came out to do the interview.

I kept an open mind and was ready to listen and try to understand who Mark Wahlberg is.
I won't give away what was said in this interview. You will see it on The Hour Monday or Tuesday... But I can say I was impressed by someone I did not fully expect to be impressed by.
Many in the audience were huge fans of Mark and got autographs after the taping. It's so nice that they could have that.
I stuck around after the taping and observed the interactions, then I chatted with George for a bit. That's about when I took pictures I don't currently have the means to upload...
GTA group to see Nile do his stand up....
CHANGED to April 2nd at a different venue. See Nile's myspace page. You can still go to the March 30th event if you like but there is no guarantee Nile will show.


John Mutford said...

I thought Mark Wahlberg was brilliant in The Basketball Diaries. Pretty good in Fear and Boogie Nights too. Though, I agree he's also done some I thought were stinkers, remember The Big Hit? Ew, that was bad.

Barbara said...

Hi John,
I think Mark Wahlberg would probably agree with you. I have not seen many of them myself. I'm 4 years behind on movie watching...

Brooksie said...

I am not interested in seeing his new movie, but I did like him in The Departed. I liked that film overall even though parts of it depressed me.

Brooksie said...

Forgot to say...
That I am looking forward to the interview so the only stuff I have seen with him interview wise has been movie junket stuff.