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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Week of 18th of Mar...

Lets start the week with a useless fact from The Book of Useless Information...

Dinosaurs were among the most sophisticated animals that ever lived on Earth. They survived for nearly 150 million years - Seventy-five times longer than humans have now lived on Earth.

that's a bit depressing...

Now for what's on The Hour this week. Apparently not Mark Wahlberg yet... maybe next week.

Chris Gardner homeless to Hollywood
Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols goes to the newsstand.

Sienna Miller This is about sexy...
Rob Stewart (not Rod) This is about sharks

Tony Campolo talks about the church and the State
Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo

Master Corporal Paul Franklin gets back to work.
In other news

Tonight's Strombo show looks like it's going to be live..


Anonymous said...

i was looking for posts on MARK WAHLBERG who was in the recent news at

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Alex is trying his best to give his two cents worth on the Strombo show but he does take the cake with interrupting !


Barbara said...

Yes he does Diane... he not only takes the cake he does not think to share it.

Anoymous the Mark Wahlberg interview will be next Tuesday...
Special time 9pm on CBC!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb - I like your response
- that sais it in a nutshell !


Anonymous said...

why special time on tuesday? what's going on?