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Monday, March 26, 2007

When George is away...

Here is the story in pictures.

When George is away from the CBC this is what happens.
The Lord Stanley's Cup gets brought forth and presented in the atrium of the CBC building.

People gather and line up to be photographed next to it.

I happened to be there dropping off my Best Story Ever remix when all this took place.
And look who I see standing proud, next to The Cup!



and Paul

It was a real pleasure to meet them all.
I found out more about the Everything You Wanted To Know segment. It's not done by just one producer it's done by a number of them. It works on a formula. That's why it looks so uniform even though it comes from different sources. I always enjoy that one and I always learn something from it.

Barbara W.


Brooksie said...

I would definitely pose with the Cup if it was at my work place. Which is my home which would likely make me a thief so maybe taking pics of it would be risky evidence wise. ;-)

Miss A said...

Hey...where's YOUR picture with Stanley???

Barbara said...

I have pictures of it... that's good enough for me. I talked to the guy that accompanies the Cup... I saw Don Cherry and Ron McLean walk by... It was a weird visit. Very surreal. The entire time I was there I had a massive headache. If I didn't have pictures I would not be sure I didn't imagine all this.
This was all in celebration of the CBC getting the NHL again.

Green Tea - Iced Tea said...

That's why it looks so uniform even though it comes from different sources.

so maybe it's ISO 9000 certified? LOL (ie the process is documented so that the results are consistent)

AlterinG Abhishek said...

very interesting!!

Barbara said...

We were speculating, Brooksie, whether George has had the chance to get a pic with The Cup... in compromising positions. I asked him about that last night and he told that he not only got picture with the Stanley cup he got to hold up over his head... you can just imagine the smile on his face... There is a certain joy that seems to come over their faces when they are with that NHL Trophey. It's tranforms them from men to boys, and that's not a bad thing.

Miss A said...

Barbara...that last comment made me laugh. I went on a first date to the Hockey Hall of Fame - odd choice I know, but I'd never been and thought it would be interesting. It was like going to an amusement park with a small child who enthusiastically runs ahead in order to see everything! An experience that can be described as endearing, yet somewhat annoying :-)

Brooksie said...

Try going to the Hilton in Vegas to the Star Trek museum and ride with your life long Star Trek fan of a husband! ;-)

Barbara said...

Brooksie I think the Star Trek Museum is the only reason I would go to Vegas... :-)

Miss A. The Hockey Hall of Fame as a first date? That's cute. Are you still dating that guy?

Miss A said...

Brooksie...I think Trekkies are even more die-hard than Leaf fans!!! WAS a cute first date. Certainly different! And to answer your question...Hockey Boy and I are no more. I retired his jersey after about five dates;-)

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

miss a,

retired his jersey... too funny!

Barbara said...

By the way my Best Story has now been posted on The Hour site.