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Friday, February 23, 2007

What's up?

Last night if you watched the show you saw Jian Ghomeshi singing in the elevator.... nice!
He has a new radio show launching in April. The show needs a name. Follow the link and suggest a name for his new baby...

Friday the 23rd
George hosts a comedy show?

Don't forget the Sunday best of The Hour is now on Friday night...
If that makes sense..

For next week click here I know that's just lazy.
this is what they say will happen maybe...
Monday:Top 5 ways to celebrate Black History Month. Lang Lang the pianist, Frank Luntz... and electric cars.
Tuesday: Stan Lee (or so the rumour goes) Maybe not Stan Lee called in sick. Stephane Dion and Ron Sexsmith will be on The Hour
Wednesday:Gerard Butler and
Thursday: The US ambassador to Canada David Wilkins will be on the show.

This a pic of George #12 of the Chart Attack Hack

ready to put it in the net for you...

Well that was the plan in any case.

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