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Thursday, February 15, 2007

I want to hear what you think.

OK. Let's imagine the producers of The Hour are reading this blog.

Here is your chance.

Who would you like to see on The Hour?

Person or story... what do you want to see?

The Mayor of Vancouver...
Don Mckeller...
Neko Case...
Sports heros...
Taxi drivers on Baffin Island ... whatever.
I am just throwing these out there.
I want to hear your ideas...
Express 'em!


Allan said...

My first choice:
1. Barbara B., Barbara W., Becky, Evelyn, Jas

My second choice:
2. The studio audience asking questions.

Allan said...

Also, drop George and a cameraman at the south/west corner of Main & Hastings in Vancouver.

MeNotYou said...

Les Stroud, the survivor guy, ask him about living off the land with his family.

Oprah, the talk show host, ask her how she got so powerful. (She mentioned a website that got 30 000 hits a day on her show and the next day it got 1 000 000. Crazy!)

Wayne Gretzky, the great one, ask him about parents losing their minds over kids hockey.

Better yet, they should have a list on the website of people they could get on the show and the let the viewers vote. That way it's not just someone George & crew are stoked on. I like the audience asking questions idea too.


Anonymous said...

Michael J. Fox, Sheila Watt-Cloutier, Maher Arar (if he hasn't been interviewed on the show before), Hugo Chavez, Trevor Phillips, an expose on the advocacy restrictions imposed on Canadian charities, journalism and international development (Canada's efforts to train journalists around the world in emerging democracies), how to get a date with know, those sorts of things :)

Ouimet said...

Raymi the Minx and John Ralston Saul.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

entertainment wise - bobby orr, keifer sutherland, jon stewart.

i will have to give the others a think.

Bec said...

Me! ;)

Allan said...

Yes! I vote for bec!
And Ouimet.
But how would you pull that off?
Also ...

Mar Emery - the Prince of Pot
Burce Cockburn
Moses Znaimer
Red Robinson
Antonia Zerbiais
John Doyle
Rex Murphy
Bif Naked
Conrad Black
Barbara Amiel
Raymi the Minx
Richard Strasberg
Dan McLeod
The Air Farce
Ben Mulroney
Mathew Goode
Blue Peter
Ann Murray
Gordon Lightfoot
Leonard Cohen
a crack addict
a gangbanger
George's hairstylist
Tom Green
Avril Lavigne
Jim Carrey
William Shatner
Keifer Sutherland
Knowlton Nash
Patrick Watson
Tod Maffin
Mayor of Vancouver
Dion Liberal leader
Sheila Copps
Mike Duffy
Sarah Polley
Atom Egoyan
Russel Peters
our own Nobel Prize winner
Governor General
Margaret Atwood
Bill Bisset
Allan Fotheringham
Wall millionaire
Jim Pattison
Shaw cable guy
Ted Rogers
Stephen Truscott
his lawyer
a Yoga practitioner
a nutritionist
Ronald McDonald
Pinball Clemens
Trailer Park Boys
their director
Yuk Yuk founder
a soldier back from over there
head of the CRTC
a good cook
a financial advisor
a Life Coach
Arcade Fire
Frank magazine
Sam The Record Man
Chris Haddock
Blackberry people
Apple people
a juggler/magician
the future of newspapers
Mike Bullard
world of tattoos
inside prisons
inside mental hospitals
console games
what good is blogging?

Allan said...

(off topic - a great headline at TMZ:
"Posh Panic at Pap Push")

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Aww, Allan, you want to see ME on the show? Shucks. But no, seriously you don't - I've got a great face for radio. But I'll go on if you join me.

james said...

Hey George + Co,

You guys HAVE to talk to 4 guys from the Buried Life. I think they are Canadian. They are like 20 years old and going after their life 'to do' lists. It is pretty incredible.

Google it: buried life

Keep Rocking Guys!

-james kelly

finderskeepers said...

George is on my 'to do' list...

finderskeepers said...

George is on my 'to do' list...

Anonymous said...

i like to hear more about politics..some intervews with politicians are short:(...

Allan said...

Short and shallow.
Like getting next to the Prime Minister and asking this sucky question - "with all the bickering that goes on, do you feel that anything actually gets done?"
- "About the same amount that gets done at the CBC, George. Got any more self-serving, inane questions?"
Pressing our leaders to be accountable is not what the Hour is about.
The days of This Hour Has Seven Days are sadly long gone. The only balls you'll find these days on TV are red ones playfully used to identify another network.
George's idea of journalism is to growl and say "bring it on", yet when you do, he sticks his fingers in his ears and says "I can't hear you".
Like the producers will do with our suggestions here.
Mostly, they sit around George in production meetings going " wow, Emperor, you look great in that new clothes!"

Barbara said...

Allan, in your third comment you have come up with a really great list. I was thinking about Bruce Cockburn the other day... the trouble with normal is it always gets worse.
Ouiment needs 'her' identity kept secret and I think Tod Maffin from insidethecbc blog and CBC radio might be too busy...
That is a very interesting and might I add very Canadian list... not sure about Georges hairdresser though.. what would George ask him?

Everyone has come up with good ideas here, Michael J. Fox, Wayne Gretzky and Oprah... why not?

I had to look up Ouimet's suggestion of John Ralston Saul.
Here is just a bit of what he does besides writing a ton of fiction and non fiction books
John Saul is co-Chair of the new Institute for Canadian Citizenship. He is Patron and former president of the Canadian Centre of International PEN. He is also Founder and Honorary Chair of French for the Future, Chair of the Advisory Board for the LaFontaine-Baldwin lecture series, and a Patron of PLAN (a cutting edge organization tied to people with disabilities), Engineers Without Borders (Canada), and the Canadian Landmine Foundation. A Companion in the Order of Canada (1999), he is also Chevalier in the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres of France (1996). His 14 honorary degrees range from McGill University and the University of Ottawa to Herzen State Pedagogical University in St. Petersburg, Russia. From 1999 until 2006 when his wife Adrienne Clarkson was Governor General of Canada he was Canada's vice-regal consort.

and Raymi the minx... she's some kind of blogger right?

I know The Hour is trying to line up Kiefer Sutherland and that will be just a matter of time.

As far as John Doyle the TV columnist/critic on The Hour... that would be interesting {to the few of us who read his column}. ;-)

Allan said...

I only mentioned Doyle because he seems so lonely with his head stuck where it is.

As I made the list, it was sad that I could not include Pierre Berton and Bob Hunter.
Which I think points to the urgency of celebrating our own before that opportunity is forever gone.

Toccata said...

Oh, I want to see Barbara B at the newstand. I totally want to see 668 being interviewed by Hilary Doyle because I just know 668 would turn the tables around and end up skewering I mean interviewing Hilary!

finderskeepers said...

Definitely Barbara B. at the newsstand and Bruce Cockburn is a good idea too.

Barbara said...

Yup I like the Barbara B at the newsstand idea. I have a feeling they would be in the music magazine section..

Allan said...

Hold on Barbara. When you dragged me over to this dark corner, you said you wanted to discuss national unity, but the magazine you handed me says "Canadian Bride"!

Barbara said...

? Bride? Allan, if you're talking about Barbara B., she is a married woman and if your talking about me.. I'm from Quebec, I don't believe in marriage, but I do believe in national unity.

finderskeepers said...

I meant Barbara W. but I think both Barbaras at the Newsstand would be perfect. They could fly Barbara B. in!

And I can't believe I'm agreeing with Allan... :)

Angie said...

I'd like to see.. Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Clive Owen, Peter Outerbridge (cause I'm related - but he's a great actor), Headley (just to see George deal with Jacob),Lauren Graham, Hugh Laurie, Anne Rice (cause she's a bit odd), Stephan Harper, Kevin Smith.. I know he's interviewed some of them before but those are still my picks.

Barbara said...

Finderkeepers, Allan can grow on you.
Angie, Ann Rice would be fasinating and you have some other interesting picks there I will have to look up your cousin Peter Outerbridge ...
it's funny my cousin is a taxi driver on Baffin Island and that is why I mentioned that in my post...LOL
I guess it's 'promoting cousin' day.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Ewwww! Bride magazines, Allan? You're good! How did you know that I despise the whole wedding trappings thing?
I would prefer to go to the newsstand with you and leaf through Maclean's. And Chart and NME too of course, because what fun is life without music industry gossip?

Barbora said...

Personally I'd like to see...

- more Canadian Politicians and have George bite into them about how they are effecting Canada in a positive way.

- mayor Sam Sullivan of Vancouver, I don't like him and I think he is doing a horrible job I'd like to see someone really put him on the spot about his horrific handling of the Vancouver Housing crisis

- some international celebrities, like outspoken Bollywood stars who are willing to trash the North American entertainment industry for all its sleaze

Miss A said...

Film Director/Producer Norman Jewison.

A story about Camp X. The WWII secret agent training camp located along the shores of Lake Ontario.

Becky said...

Ooh, a story on Camp X would be cool. I'd watch that.

Barbara B on the newsstand, definitely!

The Hour could improve so much if they could get some interesting big names. But unfortunately, they're not that big themselves.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

toccata - ha ha. i'd rather volunteer to interview kiefer sutherland. ;)

Allan said...

It's not how big the name but what you do with it.
I thought Tony Bennett was a big name, and an even bigger bore.
In the hands of a perceptive interviewer, I still think he would have been too stupid to give much of an answer to anything. Of course George's questions were totally kissy kissy. How come no mention of KD Laing?
Keifer has certainly been given every chance over the years to make something of the roles he's had. But he's dull, dull, dull. When "24" is over, he and Charlie Sheen can count their money (money for nothing) and laugh at us for taking their "acting" seriously. "24" is a hugely popular fluke, consisting largely of KS using both hands to hold a little gun and looking all worried. Have a thirtieth beer, Kief, and thank your lucky star (your father') because without him no one could take you seriously.
Brent Carver and Tom McCamus - now those are the real thing.
It's a sure bet Kief will consent to a little publicity via the Hour. Watch for the issue of torture to be discussed, with him not having a clue what to say. He's an unsophisticated simpleton and a drunk, and not even GQ or Architectural Digest can change that.
Enjoy an all new "24" tonight on Global, the Keifer Sutherland of broadcasting.

Anonymous said...

How refreshing! Allan is complaining about someone OTHER than George!!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i am confused allan, you mentioned kiefer sutherland on your list and yet you seem to be mocking him as a choice for an interview?

Allan said...

Because I would do anything to get ratings, but once he's in the red chair ... so have you talked with Julia Roberts lately? Her career certainly went somewhere, eh?
Think you'll ever get an Academy Award?
What's the most beer you've ever drunk?
What do you think about Medicare?
Are you an American citizen yet?
Any plans for an official "24" water pistol?

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Allan said...

Is it a Catch 22?

Your point touches on an aspect often referred to as integrity.
George responds to your view every night, telling you how much he's willing to compromise.
On Monday, will George mention Britney's baldness or Ashley McIsacc's marriage or both?. More importantly, what can the Hour do with these 2 bits of fascinating news?
My guess is - dismiss them with a dumb remark punctuated by THAT music and then on to another American celebrity's outlandish behaviour.
I'd call Tom Green in L.A.and Ricky in Halifax for their opinions.

Allan said...

The Hour can't change because the producers who sold the network on the idea are worried about losing credibility by appearing to second-guess themselves.
So we're stuck with the music, the absence of music, the set, the incidental presence of a live audience, the endless succession of authors selling books no one buys or reads (certainly not the Hour's audience) and whoever is an already successful singer selling their latest CD.
Oh yeah, and something about Canada thrown it too.

But it will take more than good guests with big names to save the Hour.
That ship has sailed.
Once people turn away, how can you get them back?
There's only one way - rotating guest hosts.
Quick, George, pretend it was your idea.
Start with Fridays, you know, the day you can't be bothered to do a real show.
But be prepared to see the ratings go up.

The worst aspect of it all is that it's quite evident the CBC doesn't care. Doesn't care about the viewers, doesn't care about the country.
The only thing it cares about is covering their butts and saving face.
The CBC will never admit it made a mistake underestimating the public. I call it pulling a Ralph Benmurghi, but some here may not remember that shallow, witless mouthpiece.
The CBC doesn't cover up it's mistakes, it ignores them. Only when confronted will they offer up some mumbo-jumbo that having the majority of viewers despise you is actually a good thing.
Americans, on the other hand, couldn't care less what you think of them as long as the money comes in, and they'll sell their soul to the devil to get it.
"when we come back, which of these ten hillbillies is the real father of her baby?"

The dye is cast.
I'll bet the Hour's ratings are either consistent (consistently low) or slightly fluctuating, from low to even lower since the day it started.
That look you see on his face is not a sign of being tired. It's putting a poker face on defeat.

I'm glad you guys are sticking up for gorgeous George in the face of my relentless criticism. I actually like that chubby dufus.
I just wish that this new generation weren't doing broadcasting like the old generation.
I just wish we had a hero.

Barbara said...

Allan... why do I picture you making that speech on an empty stage with with a half empty wine bottle in a brown paper bag clutched in your hand...
The audience has walked out offended.
Take a bow.

Allan said...

Because you're confusing me with Charles Bukowski.

In Vancouver there's a restaurant named after him because at least one person regarded him as a personal saint.
There's no restaurant named after me.

Miss A said...

Thank you Barbara. Well said!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...


the question was who do you want to see on the hour, not who you would have on for ratings. and frankly, i'm surprised by the comment that you would do anything for ratings.

so, let's hear it. forget ratings, forget everything. who do you want to see on the show?

Allan said...

Bindi Irwin with a shaved head.
An Avril Lavigne long distance spitting contest.
Something outside the box that would prompt newspaper coverage and new viewers.
Perhaps later I might call Sony Records, Warner Brothers and Random House to see who they're going to have on the Hour next month.
I hope it's not Clay Aiken, but that would be entirely consistent with what we've become used to expecting.

Cute picture of Bindi on the Hour blog.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

any chance of a serious answer?

Allan said...

I thought I had done this, including ranting that it's unlikely the ship can be saved.
The Hour has so many problems, and you want to know the number one problem mature professionals have with the show?
It's George.
I'm the only one who believes in him (as host of a different show).
So waddayougonnado?
The Hour needs a whole different take on the world - it's so adolescent.
Where's the innovation or clever approach that people are capable of these days?

Not only has this thread run out of ideas, but the Hour itself ignores it's fans.
No one involved with the show can be bothered to contribute here.
Apparently it would kill George if he made an appearance here.
Just like their approach to getting guests, the news has to come to them.
The Halloween show was the only time I can recall that they used their imaginations to find segment topics. A boring mess.
How about sending a guy to a Santa Claus parade to pretend to be George?
They thought you would think that was funny and worth tuning in for.
When you assume they're really trying to do a good show and know what they're doing, you make an ass out of me and you.

Allan said...

May I point out something?
Look at "miss a"s profile.
She signed up to a Blogger account just so she could congratulate barbara.
One more soul added to the mix.
Whereas the Hour is actually losing viewers instead of gaining them, this Blog is adding to it's number of participants. And I think it did it not by virtue of being mean, but by being interesting.
Even the Hour's staff found it entertaining apparently, and referred their audience to us.
It must have ticked George off (as did the Dragon's Den video of him) that his co-workers were essentially directing people to read material that basically skewers his facade.
I'm not surprised they're afraid to say it to his face. He doesn't take criticism well.

Miss A said...


Do not even begin to assume that you know why I established a profile. I’ve been reading this blog for quite a while now and observing different points of view. As I no longer wish to be just an observer, a profile has become a must.

Think back to this post you made in December:

"Incredible. I just had the overwhelming sense that I was being admonished by George himself. That certainly got my heart racing - fear of George. Must catch my breath." Ring a bell?

The anonymous person you were responding to was ME. I believe that your word to describe me as an anonymous poster was "cowardly". I post as “anonymous” and I’m cowardly. I post with a profile and I'm doing it only to side with Barbara. I guess with you I am just like The Hour, damned if I do and damned if I don't.

You consistently accuse The Hour/George of doing the same old thing over and over again. Allan, the irony is that the same could be said of your numerous posts on this blog!! The same old complaints, over and over again.

Let the Pandora's Box of endless communication begin...

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...


well, i still do not know who you really want to see on 'the hour'. which is the question i wanted a serious answer for. which i do not believe you have stated. you gave a huge list, but by your own admission, it includes at least one person you would only book for rating purposes. and i'm not interested in that. who do you want to book just to please you? if it pleases other people, then that's a bonus.

f_keepers said...

Free speech my chubbo ass, Allan - you're picking on innocent people and using free speech as an excuse.

When you harrass others on this blog, it diminishes your point of view and makes your presence similar to that of a troll. They don't seek you out to insult or harrass you - why do you feel the need to pick on them?

The people on this blog have been kind to you, sometimes agreeing with you and giving you credit for some of your views. They have been willing to listen to you and gave you a fair chance.

Find some positivity in your life....

I just read your comment on The Hour blog saying that they should have sent a camera to follow her at the CN Tower. They obviously didn't because she was trying to be a normal kid and they wanted to preserve her privacy. You freak out when the show focuses on celebrity gossip yet you're okay with cameras following an 8-year-old and her 3-year-old brother on a tour??

f_keepers said...

The last paragraph of my last post was referring to Bindi Irwin.

Allan said...

It's a free country, and Blogging is a unique communication, with different parameters than say a Forum or emails or whatever.
Once, on the Hour blog, someone else began trying to analyze me and asked if I was secretly in love with George.
When I answered "Totally", both posts were removed.
Oh well. Could it be a gay problem, or was somebody trying to protect me from insults.
I don't mind being accused of being in love with him.

Bindi has no problems with appearing on camera, as several YouTube videos will attest.
And for gossip, who can resist outrageous behaviour?
Hence TMZ, Perez, Gawker, Defamer and is Michael Richards news or entertainment or both?

As for guests, I refer to my original post at the top. The most fascinating moment I witnessed in relation to the Hour was studio and host interaction.
The audience was young and bright (and noticeably white) and asked the questions that are really on people's mind when they watch the show. I thought, this has real merit and value to anyone looking for content that is both immediately relevant to their lives tonight and what they are actually interested in right now. George was very practiced and deft at dealing with the unexpected and random questions. I felt elevated after being brought down by the show itself.
It was the most exciting part of the evening. I would tune in very night to hear the views and concerns and questions of people interested enough to participate and come to the studios to check out a national newsmagazine.
Otherwise, the two from Ouimet were good, especially if they were both on at the same time.
And those two babes from 22 minutes are only, like, brilliant, and fearlessly honest.
But you know what?
There are a thousand fascinating people in Canada tonight.
Somebody should tell the Hour.

Brooksie said...

I suppose if Newsworld and CBC wanted a Phil Donahue style talk show they would have gone that way.

Personally, I do not think a Q/A between George and the audience would work as a segment or as a full show. It would be a very different show. More like a college tour kind of thing like Kevin Smith does.

I think depending on the audience for good questions is too risky. I found the ones for the Coronation Street interview very weak for example. And the Q&A between George at shows tends to be very repetitive - students looking for career advice, inside scoop on certain interviews & guests, questions about his bike. That sort of thing. It is a fun thing to experience every now and then but would I want to watch a TV show everyday like that? Nope.

f_keepers said...

They specifically said that she didn't come to the interview because she wanted to go to the CN Tower - doesn't that indicate that she didn't want cameras following her yesterday??

I hardly doubt anyone was trying to protect you from insults at this point, Allan. If anything the thought of you having a secret crush on George is quite disturbing since you have nothing better to do than to criticize every move he and The Hour make. Your admission is not exactly flattering.

Allan said...

I think I'll survive if I don't see another Bindi interview. Once was sufficient.
It was curious though how the Hour blog presented the issue. And "vindication"? Of what?

Excellent observation by Brooksie.
CBS once had the show you describe, and it was so boring.
Still, I wish there were alternatives to many parts of the Hour, like a web segment, or simply more fun and surprises.

maybe it's time I left the Hour alone

f_keepers said...

Well, if that's what you really want Allan and there's nothing we can do to help you change your mind...then take care of yourself's been interesting to say the least.

Barbara said...

Can I just say thank you to the participants of this conversation.
I liked the points being made. You never knew where the conversation was going to go. It was almost like watching sports...
Feel free to add more of what you want to see on The Hour...

loring said...

That guy that made the bear protection suit. He's made some body armour for soldiers now. He was pretty nutty.

Barbara said...

It's Going to be very quiet 'round here if Allan gives up complaining for lent...

Anonymous said...

Allan never impressed me as someone who would be so quick to pick up his ball and go home.

Allan said...

No one gets more tired of listening to me than me.
Especially when I find myself becoming repetitive.
Or always treated as simply an annoyance and off on tangents.
I've made a contribution, as with the more current post about "Best Story ...", but it is becoming less meaningful to me as the Hour seems so entrenched and self-satisfied in it's programming.
Sooner or later even a dolt knows when he's barking up the wrong tree.
At least you guys are enjoying the clubhouse camaraderie.
I'm a bit keener on the quality of broadcasting and public affairs as represented by the Hour, and I recognize that this may not be such a vital concern here.
That's not to say I think you only want to discuss George's colorful underwear, but man, people are a bit touchy here sometimes and I I feel like someone has made a voodoo doll with my name on it.
And it's not my ball, it's yours.