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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Feb 5th to 8th on The Hour

It will be a Paris Hilton free month.. I can't wait for a KFed free season... I don't get that guy.

Your boyfriend George Stroumboulopoulos
is going to be going to the UK to do The Hour Valentines week.
For this week I'll tell you what they got on the main menu.

Monday the 5th
Singer Norah Jones

Also the winner of the Brit Awards contest will be announced Monday... I just know it's not me.

Tuesday the 6th
Actor Steve Buscemi. The man had done a lot of films...
Writer Chris Hedges talks about US politics.

Wednesday 7th CHANGED!
Actress Keri Russell in an interview from Sundance.

As a wise person once said Schedules change... Tonight is a best of show and I will tell you why.
I asked George if he was sick when I saw the change posted on the Hour's page.... his reply was 'we're on tape tonight so that we can get ahead for london... i am sick, but still working in the office :-)'
So there you go as far as I know there are no changes for Thursday.

Thursday the 8th, last day before your buddy takes off to the UK and the Brit Awards
It's fitting that he will be talking to Johhny Briggs of Cornation Street on that day...


Anonymous said...

Your article is very informative and helped me further.

Thanks, David

Green Tea - Iced Tea said...

they're interviewing the guy who played Mike Baldwin? I'd tell my mom to watch but she'll be in Asia next week oh well

If it was Rupert Hill, (Jamie) I'd watch for sure... that guy's cute

Barbara said...

Your welcome David...

Hi Green Tea if you only watch The Hour for cute Brits then next week it's The Hour from the UK doing the Brit awards and there is bound to be a few cuties in that week.
Thanks again for your help on

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

mmm.. jamie. :)

mike baldwin. how bizarre.

gledwood said...

You mention K Fed ... well I remember seeing him on that At Home With type of documentary Britney Spears did for MTV or whatever channel, her bodyguard really didn't like him at first. But to me (or was it all in the editing???) he came over as okay. Now everyone's saying he's scum ... so I dunno what to think...
I found you by randomly jumping through friends of friends's blogs etc. I'm at, you're welcome to drop by. It is very different from yours.
All the Best now

Barbara said...

What I meant by I don't get him is... I tune out every time his name comes up... is he's good or bad? I don't know. I don't think I would know who he was if I bumped into him on the street and I work right beside MTV and may very well have bumped into him.
Thank you gledwood I will visit your blog.

Allan said...

Off to the Brit Awards?
How is that serving the Canadian public to better understand their country and culture?
Answer: it isn't.

Did I just see them list the top five Sesame Street musicians?
Wow. Cutting edge, hardcore journalism.
And most of you just eat it up without question.

Anonymous said...

Allan, why are you so bitter?

Miss A said...

I wonder if the word PONTIFICATE means anything to Allan?

PONTIFICATE: speak pompously: to speak about something in a knowing and self-important way, especially when not qualified to do so

Allan said...

Look up a simpler word - silly.
How is my comment "bitter" instead of sweet? Did you lick the page?
And for pompous - I'm not qualified to comment?
What qualifies you to comment on my comment?
What qualifications do I need to question the choices the Hour makes?
And how is attacking me a response to what I said?
Are you two typical of the audience?

So all the way to Sundance to learn what's new with Steve Buscemi - this is what you want from a Canadian broadcaster?
Why are you guys so easily impressed?
Do you think that if the CBC had sent that chubbo with the beard who appears on the show for no other reason than to kiss up to George down to Sundance that HE couldn't have gotten an interview with Buscemi? Anyone could have done that, even Barbara.
My question is "why?"
Why bother with this stuff when there's a whole country of fascinating people right here.
Except for the two responding above.

Anonymous said...

It's just that you're so...negative. What pray tell is bothering you this time Allen...did George steal your girlfriend or something??

And as for that man with the beard that graces us with his talent on the show, he is a Canadian icon so it looks like you gotta read up on your Canadian culture and identity.

If you can do a better job, then I suggest you try to land your own TV show and enlighten us all with journalism done "Allan-style".

Allan said...

You should be so lucky.

Allan said...

The Canadian icon you refer to just seems like a fat slob trying to be funny.
And pretty anonymous for an "icon".

Anonymous said...

Yes Allan, you are absolutely right...if only we could be so lucky to have a TV show hosted by a curmudgeon like you.

Barbara said...

Oh Allan there ain't nothin' wrong with connecting with the world...
I enjoy British music and I enjoy American Actors... tell me you don't like either... There are a lot of Canadians George interviews on a regular can't tell me he doesn't
Now play nice.

Miss A said...


Consider this...

"The final proof of greatness lies in being able to endure criticism without resentment”
- Elbert Hubbard, writer 1856-1915

Allan said...

I'm playing plenty nice, and you know it.
Didn't I see an interview with Norah Jones on the Hour, and also on the CBC Sunday show, and also in the Globe & Mail?
Seems like Norah's agent is the boss of the Hour, and all the other agents who tell US what and who we're going to see on tonight's show.
And that's not selling out?

Allan said...

Here's one for you guys to actually try thinking about, And I know that there are only a few here who aren't used to doing that.

Wanna know when I first realized that the Hour sucked and that George was a sell out? or is it too painful for you to grow up and start thinking for yourselves?
Here it is:
Remember when some guy was on from Vice magazine and showed a video that he was really proud of?
And George thought it was really cool.
Do you remember what was on the video? It was this guy going up on the roof of a building to shoot off a few rounds into a nearby forest.
The idea being to hit anyone who was out there threatening future trouble for the village in Afghanistan or somewhere. And this "cool" dude is laughing his head off as he's shooting.
You didn't see this episode? Too bad.
George thought that this guy and what he was doing was cool.
I didn't.
And I lost respect for our friend George.
But does everyone here think George can do no wrong?
It sure seems it.
Nothing but gaga over everything on the Hour. And no questioning of the choices being made by George and the other producers.
As if you actually think these people are smarter and more competent than anyone here.
When the truth is that any one of them can easily be replaced. Easily.
I'm sorry you people think so little of yourselves.
And find absolutely nothing objectionable about what the Hour is doing.
I guess I'm all alone in my bitter pomposity.

Anonymous said...

To Allan,
I am not a regular contributor to this blog, but I do check it every once in awhile. It's fun. Admittedly, it would appear the people here think dear George can walk on water, but look around, this is a FAN site. Let these people gush in peace.


Barbara said...

Thanks Kym.
Allan I like oranges. I don't need the orange to be engineered to taste more like an apple. I have nothing against apples. I like apples too. They are both good.
Did I make my point?

Allan said...

You like fruit.

Evelyne said...

Well, yes it is a fan site, I agree, but we also do criticize what they do on The Hour, and as you might have read in past comments, we do not agree with everything, I don't know if the 6 other members of this blog would agree with my statement, but I think that we're not only a fansite, if we think that something is crap, we'll write about it but we'll also write about what we liked...

J said...

WHOA!!!! Those were some biting comments!!!!!!

I have said this before and I will say it again... I think everyone has the right to voice their opinions and calling "Allan" names isn't helpful and it is rude...

Having said that... Allan,
WOW!!! You come off so harshly!!!

When you put it like that... I thought for a moment... "Yah, why is The Hour going to London." But I have few answers why.

The CBC was broacasting the Brit Awards and they want us to watch. The CBC is dying and they are trying new things to keep themselves alive.

I for one am absolutely thrilled to know that I will get to hear an interview with Mohamed Al-Fayed and Christane Amanpour... I only wish George had thought to get one with Robbie Williams, my point being that he has gone over there to get interviews that aren't Canadian specifically because he can. Despite their nationality these are two very influential people and I am getting bored of seeing how many times Hilary can come up with some lame excuse to get David Suzuki on... to talk about Global Warming.

You know my stance on the "George worshipping" we have discussed this before... I made a point of making a comment against him last weekend and it got me into an interesting place.

Can I ask you a question?

If you have no respect for George and you don't really like him or his show or his fans for that matter... why are you so loyal?

I mean, I respect that tremendously, but you seem so unhappy or disillusioned with the show and yet you continue to watch it... why?

Evelyne, and to the other 6 Stroumboulopouli:

Why don't the rest of you post more? With the exception of the Barbara's I see very few posts about George or anything? How come? Why is that? Has the novelity of George worn off? Or do you just not care? Help me understand...

Allan said...

Gosh, some actual discussion suddenly appears when I had pretty much settled on accepting that no real dialogue could take place here.
Me, harsh? But I'm such a sweet guy.
I do get attacked here a fair amount. Seems no one is prepared to address my opinions so much as just going after me.
Oh well, let's respond to J:

The Hour is my favorite show on the air.
And I'm exposed to a lot of media and have done broadcasting and covering pop culture. So I'm not in the group that thinks having a show is something magical or that people on TV are god-like.
It's just plain hard work done by minds not much different than you or I.
And I think it reasonable to question, well, everything, and to stand up for yourself.
The Hour is one of the worst shows made by Newsworld.
It isn't news because it's so superficial and uneven.
It's not entertainment because it's just not entertaining.
For me, entertainment is a good joke, a good song, an intimate and insightful conversation or a fun demonstration. Where is any of that on the Hour?

I talk about the choices that the Hour makes, how it executes those choices, and what the alternatives are.
I think I've always been fair to George, such as here.
And if my comments touch on George it's unavoidable since he seems to take credit for all it - executive producer - with no list of who does what as is the norm at the end of most shows.

And it does upset me (perhaps the upset shows) that the Hour is such a sell-out.
As Stella says on her blog "Having a platform like The Hour is a true gem", but look at how it's being used.

Guests are chosen according to the wishes of promotion companies, there are so many Americans selling something, and no interest expressed in Canadian culture or news.
Isn't this like abandoning the country that gives the Hour's staff their employment?
Aren't they doing really the same as all the other star-chasing shows like Entertainment tonight?

As you pointed out, it's pretty much Barbara that carries the load here. And I enjoy her adoration of George. It's far better than, which is pretty much collecting dust and offering nothing more than song lyrics - what does that say about George?
He puts most of his energy into getting more people to like him on MySpace - what does THAT tell you about George?
His radio show relies entirely on other people to keep it interesting.
But I deal primarily with the shortcomings of the Hour.
And have no illusions about having any effect at all. Just expressing an opinion that might cause just one person to actually question what's put before them. No one has to agree with me, just THINK about it.
And you know what? A lot of people do think the show is a failure - because they've seen it and never gone back! And I don't blame them.
At least I've gotten involved and shared a point of view and some ideas.
Some people here can't handle that, even suggesting I join the thousands who don't watch the show.
How is that a solution?
How does that help?

It's a bummer dealing with the personal attacks, but I'm a big boy.
It's sad to see such a great opportunity wasted with yesterday's approach to serving an audience and covering the news.
I'm suggesting that George and the Hour have a little more respect for their audience, and a lot more respect for what they're capable of doing.
And a hell of a lot more respect for their country.

I'm asking this:
If a Canadian show done by Canadians is not giving exposure to Canadian ideas and accomplishments, then who will?

Allan said...

While The Hour uses up their budget with free trips for George to Sundance, New York, Los Angeles and the Brit Awards, right across the street from their studios Joni Mitchell is being honored for her work.
How much coverage did the Hour do of that event?
Please tell me, because I may have missed it.
Or did the Hour miss it too chasing after anybody-but-a-Canadian.
Trips out of town by George seem more to serve George than the audience. He likes to be seen at these events by the people who can help his career in the future. There's no actual reason to travel anywhere to get an interview with Steve Buscemi.
Like, does anyone here think they couldn't have lived without that?
And most of all, even a twelve year old could get interviews at a place where "stars" gather. Like shooting fish in a barrel.
And you and I are supposed to be impressed with this?
It's such a lame and lazy and insulting effort.
I'd bet Barbara could do a better interview with some of these people - at least it would be real and sincere. Not like the phony routine George goes through from what he learned at Much Music.
And George claims he's not "acting" (as he did to Catherine O'Hara) when anyone can see how he strains to smile and kiss up to celebrities with flattering questions.
That's so dishonest and cowardly.

Allan said...

(earlier link is -> here)

Allan said...

Kaitlin in Vancouver, BC writes for

she recently said
"I believe that the news is the domain of everyone. When Dickens started the Pickwick Papers (arguably the starting point for the modern English press) he intended the same--that every person in every class had their say. Today's media, specifically in North America is built for and by big business and government, and so it will, of course, serve ...'

Lauren said...

Pardon my most likely ignorance, but, The Hour is your favorite show, but it is the worst show on newsworld?

That's in your post. Just recounting what it says.

Can we get some of the things you do like about it for a comparative study? I am interested in the good side, what makes it good?

The quote from your posting in full is:
The Hour is my favorite show on the air.
And I'm exposed to a lot of media and have done broadcasting and covering pop culture. So I'm not in the group that thinks having a show is something magical or that people on TV are god-like.
It's just plain hard work done by minds not much different than you or I.
And I think it reasonable to question, well, everything, and to stand up for yourself.
The Hour is one of the worst shows made by Newsworld.