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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Spreading the word from MySpace

Hope you are well.
Ok, So here's the deal for The Strombo Show tonight.
(In case you're wondering what the hell "The Strombo Show" is It's a weekly radio show hosted by myself and a guy named Bob) :-)
SO... tonight between 9-11pm ET. We're gonna talk about God (Sort of) Religious conversion really and we'll play you my conversation with the head of The Church of Satan..
seriously... it's a way :-)
Also Bob had a bad dinner party and we want you to tell us about your awful/awkward experiences at dinner party things. Don't worry, you can change the names to protect the guilty...
Also Jeremy Taggart Our Lady Peace is coming by...
We'll play some cool music..
Talk about the film festival and blah blah blah..
We have fun doing the show, but it would be better if you called in and wrote...
Here's how...
BTW... as we do every week... we offer advice.. so call in with your questions... cause Bob and I are totally UNQUALIFIED to help... but what the hell.. maybe we can all have a breakthrough together :-)
Call in at 1-866-866-7387
Myspace -
Email -
oh... here's how you can hear us...Online - / Radio in Toronto on CFRB 1010 am
and in Montreal on CJAD 800 AM.
Thanks for reading this... and if you get chance.. spread the word... hey maybe we should start a street team...
kidding , sort of...
Speak with you tonight..

George you take ... to a whole new level ! (my hero)
Barbara W bringing the non-MySpacers the latest bulletin

link to the rundown of the show on 668's blog


She's Crafty said...

where do I sign up for the street team? LOL!

Barbara_mtl said...

Sarah, you would have to write George to find that one out.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

hey, thanks for the link... i'm happy with it. no need to remove..:)

Barbara said...

Thanks for your contribution then 668. I'll go make your link bigger...

Anonymous said... radio cool cool cool fm,