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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Not just the Sunday bulletin

Instead of just bringing you the Strombo bulletin from MySpace like I usually do, I'll have added an interview with a fan of the Strombo show.

Bec is a regular commenter on Georges MySpace while the Strombo show is on the air and online. The boys, George, Bob and Alex really like her. They promised her they would send her a mug last show in response to one of her comments. I asked her about that. I asked her if they even asked for her address. They never did. I think those bad boys were just teasing her.
In fact she lives in Sweden. She used to live in London Ontario. She tells me she moved to Sweden last August.
So we got to talkin'...

-Wow moving to Sweden is huge. Did you move for work or love or something else? Is the language an issue?
Well it's not as huge as it sounds. I grew up in Sweden, my parents live over here and I speak both languages fluently. The reason for the move was ...I guess you can say I moved away from love LOL. I went through a nasty separation last year and just had to get some distance (and I wanted my mommy ;) ). Originally I was only going to stay here from August until December, but I'm still here.

-What is it like to live in Sweden?
I miss Canada a lot, but in away life is easier over here. And I just met a guy here so who knows when I'll come back to Canada now LOL.

-What time of day or night does the strombo show come on?
I don't always listen to the show because it comes on between 3-5am Monday mornings. When I do listen I'm either suffering from insomnia or I actually set my alarm and then I lay in bed with my laptop.

-Are you looking forward to the podcast?
I am looking forward to the podcast, but the fun of the show is chatting with the guys 'live'. (What I would really like is to be able to watch the hour online!!)

-I guess listening online helps keep 'home' closer...
The show does make me feel 'at home'. Just listening to the traffic reports or radio commercials in between segments makes me miss home a lot. Talk radio over here SUCKS!! LOL well radio over here sux over all, there are no good radio stations, they all play the same eurodisco crap music, so when I do listen to the radio I listen to Canadian radio online, but the Strombo show is the only radioshow I would set my alarm at 3am to listen to ;).

-How would you feel about talking about your connection to the strombo show from across the sea? Let me know what you think about being the subject of a blog post.
I don't mind being the subject of a blog at all :)

I am happy she feels that way.

Barbara W.

Since George just posted a Sunday bulletin on his MySpace I dragged it over here just for you. Here it is.

Hey, How are you?
Just letting you know that The Strombo Show is back on the radio/online tonight.
LIVE from 9-11pm ET. Bob wants to talk about being naked in front of of strangers... and why he likes it...
Alex says he no longer hates people... I find this very hard to believe so he'll explain himself... cuz he might be talking about you...
A whole bunch of other crazy tangents and interviews... a throwback comedy bit with Bob Newhart and I'll walk you through my week bumping into really drunk people... really drunk people...
And with all the therapists on the radio.. we figured we'd weigh in...We are not experts , but we'll give you life advice...
call us at 1-866-866-7387 or email me at
... tell us what's wrong, and we'll try and figure it out together..and let me know where you're listening from...
we're building a community mofo's... as the great Oasis once said... "All around the world";-)
You can listen online at Or on the radio Toronto on CFRB 1010 AM, Montreal on CJAD 800 AM.

pictures to be added sometime when feels like it


hilary m. said...

Good show tonight.
Sorry I bored up the airwaves with my trinomial question!


Barbara said...

lol. That was funny that you got them doing the math! That was a highlight. Didn't melissa give you the answer beforehand?

hilary m. said...

She told me a couple minutes after I sent the email! She's doing the same math as I am, and she's obviously a lot smarter at it. It was still pretty funny to hear George say "trinomial"

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i loved the math question..

here's a sounded like george might have known what you were talking about? or was he just reading from your email? i couldn't tell.

hilary m. said...

When he was talking about substituting the (x-y) with a variable, I think he did kinda know what he was talking about. You are supposed to treat (x-y) as a variable like x. Melissa informed me of that.

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