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Thursday, September 14, 2006

10more days...

These signs are springing up everywhere in the Greater Toronto area. Are they springing up in your part of the country?
No not the beer ad... The reminder that The Hour starts October 9th.

Here is an article featured on one blog from another blog, author suspected but unknown.
Riding the bull, writing for Canadian audiences. The article is more about writing for fiction rather that news or infotainment but there is relevance.

I was reading the article and thinking about how The Hour is able to bypass some of the pitfalls of writing for Canadian television by being a current news show and by keeping in touch with the audience in a personal way. They seem to know how to ride the bull 'cause they are one with the bull. I think the audience of The Hour gets careful consideration. George Stroumboulopoulos deserves a lot of the credit for that because he does not underestimate our intelligence, nor do the producers or the writers. My hat is off to them, but at the same time, and with a wink, I am reminding them that the bull still has a say on who rides .

One problem with the theory of the audience being the bull is we don't all think alike, we don't all like the same things or see things the same way. The audience of The Hour ranges in age and interests quite a bit, we aren't all from the same mold. The seven stroumboulopouli who write this blog are a good example of that. We range in age from 14 to somewhere around 3 x 14. We have three main things in common, we live in Canada, we blog, and we watch The Hour, but our lives and lifestyles are comparably different. One sure thing about us, and the Canadian audience is, we ain't sheep.

I hope that the audience will grow with the growing and evolving show. I put my efforts into supporting The Hour because I believe it is a great Canadian show capable of being even greater.

Barbara W.


Allison said...

I actually think the beer ad draws more attention to The Hour ad...if its going to be there, at least its serving a little bit more of a purpose.

Good post! I espcially liked your description of our
But its true, the show provides us with a wide variety of topics to debate about and really, it'd be pretty boring if we all agreed on everything.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You made quite a valid point when you compared the range of ages among those of us who write for this blog to the cross-section of ages among the Hour audience.

And I do think the show does a good job of addressing topics which are of concern and interest to any age.

Anonymous said...

wait that Danforth? that looks like Greek writing. Genius ad then if it is!!

lol. just an observation.


Barbara said...

That beer just points to George...

It's on Bathurst just south of the 401 I think that's hebrew... I had nothing better to do while my tire was being fixed. Always carry a camera for blogging purposes. I am glad I did tonight I just got a picture of Sharon Stone. She is looking good these days.
I have yet to explore the Danforth I think I will do that next. I think I need a nice Greek guide to show me round the Danforth.

She's Crafty said...

Has the date changed to the 9th?
I have October 2nd burned into my brain...awww!! to waiting 7 more days.

Melissa said...

There are no signs by my house =(
And I can't wait for The Hour to start again, 24 more days seems so far away!

The Hour is definetely a unique show, but I think it's changing more again this season, so I'm not sure what to expect! But whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be good...

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i think somewhere it was said that the 2nd was the season opener because i, too, thought that was the date for awhile. i think i read or heard it pre-the one so maybe it changed.

and then i thought the 2nd was the opening of the mercer report but that's the 3rd. although for some reason, the cbc has chosen not to put it on his website.

perhaps i just want to celebrate somehow on the 2nd.. :)

loring said...

The awesome thing about the Hour is that it gets young people interested in current affairs and politics. It doesn't condescend or try to be something that it's not. And any show that can get a jaded generation interested in politics, is a good thing.

Barbara said...

Melissa why do you think these billboards are not in every city across the country?
We should share the love...

668, I did not hear the rumours about The Hour starting on the 2nd. I know they were unsure and not saying when it was going to start until just recently.

Loring, I can't wait for the show to start because I am getting way behind on current affairs, politics and music...

Catch us up George, we like the way you see it.

Anonymous said...

I live in Mississauga, and I can say I have never seen an ad for The Hour. It totally blows! Before I heard on the radio the date it was comming back I was on cbc's page like once a week. Since season two finished, I've been missing the show!

I had no clue George was on the radio either!

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