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Sunday, June 02, 2013

The Week in Strombo June 3 - 7

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight this week
Yes the season is in repeats, but have you seen every show and interview? If the answer is yes then what was your favourite? If you are like me then you might have missed a few and are happy to get the chance to enjoy them like it was the first time. 

Monday June3
Iconic Canadian singer Gord Downie

On the panel and plays a monkey, comedian and podcaster
Sean Cullen

Tuesday June 4
Dragon and author Jim Treliving

 On the panel, actor Jesse Camacho

Wednesday June 5
A journalist anchorman and gentleman Lloyd Robertson

Guest on the panel Comedian and actor Pat Thornton

Thursday June 6
He never gets older, actor George Hamilton

Comedic writer performer Dan Redican is on the panel

Friday June 7
Best of the week

Don't forget!
Special Premiere of Weekly CNN Talk Show “Stroumboulopoulos” Airs Sunday, June 9th; Series to Air Regularly Fridays at 11pmET Beginning June 14th


Unknown said...

Is the show already in repeats? I thought I saw some extra names in the Tickets section of the official site. I know George is doing the CNN show in the States, but.... are they going to have pretaped episodes.

I also wonder if they were always going to finish filming early before the CNN news

Barbara said...

The schedule for the season formed a little differently than originally planned when the CNN thing came up but it's only a difference of a couple of weeks. The hockey playoffs always interrupts near the end of season so they just taped a bit more then and ended earlier than originally thought.

Barbara said...

Here is a tweet from Ali Hassan to expand on that.
Ali Hassan ‏@StandUpAli 1h

9th Season of @Strombo has wrapped! Amid #HNIC games we'll air the "Best Of" in June and all new episodes for all of July! #CBC #GTonight

renee coogan said...

Thanks Barbara for answering my question Much appreciated. I'm looking forward to checking out the new Stroumbolopoulous show on CNN. Wonder what the Americans will think?

I thought that you might be interested in the website On Camera Audiences, where you can book tickets to see Strombo's show. (I guess he is still going to pretape the interviews). He's already taped two dates and They have a few more up already with upcoming guests. On thst site they have 22 guests and I've seen three more in the articles announcing the premiere date. So if there is three guests per show and 10 shows that is practically the entire guestlist.

The site also states that George will be featured on an upcoming episode of Chelsea Lately taping on the 19th.

BTW, Would I be able to listen to the show on CNN XM Radio if I don't have the television station?

Barbara said...

Thank you for the Link Renee!

Here is one for you.It's a way to listen to CNN (audio only) … that is a link to CNN US Audio that you can put into Winamp, and Windows Media player (CTRL-U to enter the URL)