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Friday, June 14, 2013

Stroumboulopoulos June 14 11pm CNN

Stroumboulopoulos on CNN

The three guests for Friday June 14th

Legend...  Henry Winkler
Link here

Friend of the show and TV host Howie Mandel

Walking Dead series creator Robert Kirkman
Clip found here.


MissM said...

A really excellent show. I wish GST could go back to an hour.

Barbara said...

Me too!

Trish Melanson Hill said...
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renee coogan said...

Hi. I finally caught the tail end of the show last weekend on Sirius xm Radio. I was watching something else on TV and remembered to check CNN. It seemed interesting. I'm just wondering about the structure of the episode. Is it just three straight interviews? Did George bring anything else from the CBC program to the CNN show?

Also, Has George finished all the interviews for this series? There are no more tape dates for interviews on "On Camera Audiences" after last week. Is George still taping things for upcoming shows like he does on CBC?
Would this Friday's episode be number 3? It also looks like Betty White pulled out. I was kind of looking forward to that interview :( (Sorry for all the questions)

BTW, George is on Chelsea Lately tomorrow I believe. At least I know he tapes his episode then.

Barbara said...

Yes, it's three interviews. George brought his own experience to the show. Red chairs are his signature I suppose.
The tickets must be sold out already. There are a lot of Canadians in LA... I don't know the schedule of taping but I believe it is a ten week schedule. Probably wrapping up by the end of July or the beginning of August. He has to come back to prep for the new season by third week of August at the latest. TIFF (Sept 5-15)is the start of a marathon of interviews for Strombo.