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Friday, March 30, 2012

Strombo's affair with Vancouver

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight tapes at CBC Toronto in studio 43 on the 6th floor of the Mother Corp. The pre-season starts with a marathon of  back-to-back in studio interviews with the hottest stars and filmmakers during the Toronto International Film Festival, TIFF in September and wraps up at the end of May. They are preempted for the NHL hockey finals in April for 2 weeks but come back as the Stanley cup gets decided.

The live audience in Toronto enjoys access to the amazing experience of seeing interesting guests, happenings behind the scenes, a introduction to how a TV show is produced, and of course a chance to meet Canada's boyfriend the very charming Strombo himself. All for free - thanks CBC! Many Canadians and some Americans travel to Toronto and make it a point to come to a taping as a highlight of their trip. George helps to promote tickets to Toronto more than you would imagine. In a way he is an ambassador of the city as much as as he is an ambassador of the WFP for Canada. The ratings for the show are the best they have ever been even with past budget constraints they do make more with less. Some people are concerned about the newest budget cuts but the show is in no danger of being cancelled anytime soon.

Why then does he take the show on the road? Why Vancouver? 
 George loves Canada. He loves many cities in Canada, but to be practical, where can he find the guests the show wants? Vancouver provides A-list actors, politicians of interest, star activists and authors, that other wonderful Canadian cities do not have access to. The show has taped in Vancouver, Montreal, St Johns, Calgary, *Yahk BC and London U.K. It's not just a choice of passion for the vegan food and beautiful scenery and a visit with good friends. It's more. George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight gets a reception from Vancouverites that is hot and appreciative with tickets to the shows selling out within hours. The Vancouver shows will air Tuesday April 3 through to Friday April 6, 2012. Guests include Jim Treliving of Dragons Den, Grant Lawrence, author and host at CBCRadio3, Brent Butt, Daryl Hannah, Sandra Oh, David Suzuki, Mother Mother, Former PM Kim Campbell and many more.

This all spells Great TV viewing for supporters all over Canada and US border towns. Enjoy, and please share your thoughts here. We really love comments and enjoy responding!

The Stroumboulopouli

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