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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

A challenging week indeed.

The 32 annual Genie Awards will have to go on without Andrea Martin. It looks like George Stroumboulopoulos is hosting it solo. He tweeted this earlier today.

  G. Stroumboulopoulos ‏ @strombo Happy/sad. @iamandreamartin has been called to set in LA. Congrats in order! I guess I'm flying solo at @TheGenieAwards.#ImGoingNaked ;)

George hosts a daily show, not to mention many other hosting engagements so the man is not fazed about doing this solo. He's the consummate PROFESSIONAL. Pronunciation of French films may be sketchy, but his charm and effort will eclipse any little errors. He is Canada's boyfriend after all. He posted this tweet next:
talented writing team supporting one of Canada's most experienced hos
I was very much looking forward to the show. Now, even more. Let's send positive energy to this team who was surely scrambling earlier today.
Andrea Martin....what really happened? Pilot season? I think not. We do hope you're well. Suivant, NEXT!

Please celebrate and support Canadian films!

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