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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

George is honoured

Tuesday night the right honourable Jim Prentice congratulated George Stroumboulopoulos on being a Global Leader. That was not just an opinion Mr. Prentice was expressing, George has been honoured as a member of the Youth Global Leader class of 2012 (World Economic Forum). He is among 3 Canadians chosen this year. Worldwide 59 countries participate and 192 people under that age of 40 out of a nominated 1000 people have been chosen to represent our best hopes for the future.

What do Youth Global Leaders do?
Since this unique community began seven years ago, its members have worked together and channelled their energies into enterprises that have benefited millions. They range from an initiative that has freed hundreds of millions of school-age children from parasitic worms, to a collaborative task force between company cafeterias and NGOs that is providing 23,300 children every day with school meals.
More about YGL

George, and the show, explore the problems the world is facing socioeconomically, environmentally, politically and every other way from all directions. They bring on guests that raise the issues. Some have answers, some are calling for action. Part of what I think helped get George the nod isn't that he just meets the under 40 criteria and would bring attention to the Youth Global Leaders but that he has taken action many times. The World Food Programme, Young Artists For Haiti, Polar Bears and Pakistan Flood victims among many other charities have befitted from George's actions. June Callwood (journalist, author, social activist) chose George to be her last interviewer. I think she would be very proud of all the good work he continues to do for society, as anyone who knows him is.

Congratulations George on receiving this membership in an organization that can do good things for this world!

I know that some of you are thinking 'this will get him a ticket on the spaceship heading to colonize a new Earth for sure!'. I hope that we can all work together to support what we got here on the only Earth that counts right now.

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